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Some Wii U Hacking F.A.Q By @NWPlayer123

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If you have been around the Wii U hacking scene, there is one name you cannot have missed and that is NWPlayer123, she used to be quite active on GBATemp but has since moved on to being extremely active on Twitter, becoming a Guru of Splatoon.




She has posted some snippets of information and F.A.Q's  about the Wii U on here Pastebin, which i will post below:




Q: How do I block updates and set up for dumping/running homebrew?
A: Go into System Settings, click Internet, Connect to the Internet, press X or Connections, click the connection you're using, with the WiiU | Wii icon, Change Settings, scroll to DNS, Don't auto-obtain, set Primary to, Secondary to, in case the primary fails, then go back to the first screen, scroll right to Power Settings, turn off Auto-shutdown and Standby, then exit out of system settings and you're good to go
Q: How do I set up a link to automatically open in the browser for easy access to exploits?
A: Go into the browser, enter in the url/ip and click enter so it goes to the page but isn't running anything yet, press the home button to exit out of the browser, then go into system settings and immediately back out, it does a hard reset so it'll save browser and then close it down, then any time you open it back up, it'll go to that page
Q: What page can I use to run all this stuff?
A: I'd suggest http://www.loadiine.ovh or my version that I'm slowly adding stuff to, http://nwplayer123.github.io/WiiU/, mine works fine if all you're doing is running Smash mods or running Homebrew Launcher for ddd to dump files or to get into loadiine
Q: How do I format my SD card for use?
A: Go to http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm and click on the image to download the exe
Q: Is there a package I can use to put programs on the SD card?
A: Yes! Extract it to the root of the SD card, SD:\wiiu\apps\homebrew_launcher and etc
Q: I'm on 5.5.0/5.5.1, how do I use your website page and the SD card package to dump my files?
1) Make sure your SD card has been formatted to FAT32 with the tool above, and you extracted files to the right place
2) Set up http://nwplayer123.github.io/WiiU/ to auto-load, click on "Kernel Exploit for Loadiine/Homebrew Launcher" which will exploit the kernel, it will exit you out to the Wii U Menu
3) Go back into the browser which will load the page, click "Homebrew Launcher (needs modified)" which will load you into the HBL
4) Click on ddd, click load
5) If you're using Windows, go the the home menu, search "cmd" or "command prompt"
6) type in "ipconfig" minus quotation marks and hit enter, should list off a bunch of stuff
7) Find the internet connection you're currently using to connect to the router, eg "Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi", and make note of the IPv4, you now need to enter it into ddd
8) Use the dpad on the Gamepad to enter in the IP you just got, and hit X to install it and exit out of the Wii U Menu
9) Hold it!
10) Download the titledumper and put it somewhere safe and short, eg D:\ddd\titledumper.exe
11) Make a new text file and call it "dump.bat", this will make your life a lot easier
12) Edit the file to add "titledumper.exe /vol /Smash", if you're dumping Smash, otherwise rename that last part to the path you want to dump all the files to, that dumps Smash's files to eg D:\ddd\Smash\vol\content\dt00 and dt01
13) Double click that .bat file to run it, it'll open up a new window that says-
Title Dumper by Dimok
Waiting for WiiU connection...
14) The hard part is over! Click on whatever app you want to dump on the Wii U Menu, eg Smash Bros, and if everything is right, titledumper window should start listing off lots of files, now you gotta wait for a while, almost done
15) Once it stops listing off files, you still need to get the meta folder, and it depends on where the game is installed-
If it's installed to an external USB, press the home button, DO NOT EXIT OUT OF THE GAME, and wait a few seconds, titledumper will list off the last few files in /vol/meta, now you're done.
If it's installed to NAND/the 8GB/32GB in the Wii U, you have to press the home button and actually exit out of the game and back to the Wii U Menu, then wait a few seconds, titledumper will list off the last few files in /vol/meta, now you're done.


Q) What is "FSGetMountSource failed"?
A) FSGetMountSource is what tries to mount your SD card so it can read files from it, it needs to be formatted to FAT32 (see footnote for help*) and have the right files in place (see next question). If that checks out, you can try to fix it by saving a QR code from Mii Maker to it and if that doesn't fix it, your SD probably has physical damage.
* FAT32 Formatter I recommend !!!BACKUP ALL DATA BEFORE FORMATTING!!! http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm
Click on the image and it will download.
Q) What files do I need?
A) The Homebrew Launcher boots by loading ELF files from SD:/wiiu/apps, each in its own folder, the ELF needs to be named the same thing as the folder and you can optionally have a picture and XML for the Homebrew Launcher to display.
When booting itself, it tries to load SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf and if it can't find it, it'll just softlock, hold the Power Button and try again.
Q) How do I tell what Smash mods are what? How do I use Sm4shExplorer?
A) If you download a mod from GameBanana, those are the modified "source" files, you need to build them with Sm4shExplorer which is way beyond the scope of this FAQ. Before you try building, make a folder with the TitleID of your Smash version on the root of your SD:
US - 0005000010144F00
EU - 0005000010145000
JP - 0005000010110E00
It'll ask to copy to your SD when you build it. The SDCafiine compatible files should look something like this:
SD:/0005000010144F00/patch/data/ with "packed" files inside somewhere which is what Sm4shExplorer builds
If you find a modpack that already has that structure, you don't need to build it or have a dump, you can put it on your SD card and go


Source - NWPlayer123's Pastebin

NWPlayer123's Twitter


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