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All In One #Henkaku Help Guide

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GregoryRasputin    4,803

Henkaku has been out for a little while now and it has become quite popular, probably due to its ease of use, well the installation of Henkaku is the easiest bit, perhaps the rest isn't.

So here are some tutorials, guides and advice on how to install and use Henkaku:




How To Install Henkaku:

This is without a doubt the easiest part of the process, you visit https://henkaku.xyz/ on your PS Vita's web browser, click the little orange install button and it does the rest, there are some errors that might occur, but generally its quite straight forward, here is a video by @BobbyBlunt on how to accomplish this process:


You can also visit the official Henkaku website on details how to install Henkaku:




Tools I Will Need In Order To Install Homebrew:

There is no card reader for the PS Vita's memory card, so you will need to transfer the files FTP, that is a simple process, here are some FTP applications that will help you, its all down to personal choice, so if you don't have one of these installed, install them all, then choose one that is to your preference:


The only other important tool you might need, is a bigger memory card, those things are expensive though, so you might want to save up for them, though if you have had the PS Vita for a long time, chances are you will already have a large memory card or several memory cards.



How To Install Homebrew:

Installing Homebrew is quite simple too, you transfer the .VPK via FTP, browse to it on your Vita via MolecularShell, click on it, it installs and then you have a bubble on your PS Vita's home screen, to give you a little help, here is a video by BobbyBlunt:





Where To Get Homebrew:

There are many places that you can grab Homebrew from, here is a list compiled on the Vita Dev Wiki, it also contains links to other well known website that have Homebrew and who host Homebrew, sch as VPKMirror:





How To Create Homebrew:

This is slightly more difficult than simply installing a homebrew game or running an Emulator, you will need to know a little coding, but if you are young, smart and interested, then you should do it, go make some game and showcase your talents, if you visit the official Henkaku website, you can see how to create a Homebrew, using the unofficial SDK:


Other Software That Will Help:

This is PC related software that is used with the PS Vita, such as SKFU's Proxy and luhkius Auto-Bubble:




  • Q.) Can Sony Block Henkaku ?
  • A.) At the moment, with the release of Firmware 3.61, Sony have blocked the ability to install Henkaku if you update your PS Vita/PS TV, there is no word if Team Molecule will get past this.
  • On 3.61 via a HENkaku update, Vita owners can access PSN


  • Q.) I was late to the party and just bought a PS Vita/PS TV and its on a firmware below 3.60, how do i install the firmware ?
  • A.) Follow this tutorial, it should give you all the help you need.


  • Q.) My PS Vita is on 3.61+, can i downgrade to firmware 3.60 ?
  • A.) No, you cannot, there is no known way as of yet to downgrade from a higher firmware to a lower one, if any websites out there claim you can, they are lieing and trying to scam you.


  • Q.) I am on 3.60 and want to use PSN, but 3.61 won't let me, how do i get past this ?
  • A.) You use an update by passer, though these won't work for long, check here and here for help



  • Q.) But GregoryRasputin is a dick and i don't like PlayStationHaX, are there other forums  i can get help ?
  • A.) Of course, here is a link to many websites, English and non English.


  • Q.) Can i dump my own games so i can store them away on my PC and go back to them when i want them ?
  • A.) Yes it is possible through an application made by Teem FreeK called Vitamin, you can read about it here




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STLcardsWS    395

Wrong link

Henkaku.me should be noted.



Websites That Post About Or Host Homebrew

(The wololo link does not give much about Henkaku homebrew)

i notice a couple of good sites missing :)


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GregoryRasputin    4,803
33 minutes ago, STLcardsWS said:

Wrong link

Henkaku.me should be noted.



Websites That Post About Or Host Homebrew

(The wololo link does not give much about Henkaku homebrew)

i notice a couple of good sites missing :)




1.) henkaku.me is just the back up as the problem with henkaku.xyz was fixed

2.) That is true about Wololo, though it does point to Homebrew Emulators, which may very well see their presence on Henkaku.

3.) Its only the start, this guide and the wiki page are a work in progress, more links to websites will be added and Homebrews updated, its hard doing loads of stuff on my own, whilst at the same time watching the Female Gymnastics at the Olympics O.o :P

P.S, the Wiki is there for everyone, to read and edit :)

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