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Scene Group Releases Vita Game Dump


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  • GregoryRasputin

A well known scene group has started dumping PS Vita games via CobraFin, the first game to be dumped seems to be ModNation Racers, here is a quote from the NFO:





          Well here we are again, after 4 months of silence :)

          Today we bring you the first PS Vita game, dumped by the "BlackFin"
          from Team Cobra !
          After our first attempt to release a PS Vita game we saw a lot of
          criticism from public devs about the way it was pred.
          So in this nfo we want to clear up a few things and give some 
          insight about what was and what will be in the future for the 
          PS Vita scene.


          -- About the license situation --

          1) To the lightbulb on twitter:

             We don't get your understanding of "unique" when it comes to 
             the license files for PS Vita games, but when the SAME file,
             from the SAME game, with the SAME Game ID differs in almost 
             all regards, compared from two cartridges, we don't see how 
             they can NOT be unique.
          2) To the vitadevwiki / public scene site admins:

             The understanding of the licenses are pretty much zero and we
             can only guess what information they might hold, so if any
             effort should be put into the PS Vita hacking right now, it 
             has to go towards figuring out the structure and information
             these .rif files hold.
             It would be awesome if public discussions could take place on 
             your platforms.

          3) To our fellow competitors:

             We would advise you to take extra caution with releasing
             PS4 and PS Vita titles because of what we said above.
             We got word from two independent sources that the licenses
             from both platforms COULD be tracked by Sony with information
             like first time activation and current console / user ID.
             As long as you never played the game or had the console
             online where you played it on, we would see no problem in
             releasing it.


          -- Suggestions to Team Cobra --

          1) The dumping process needs to be fixed, it's very unstable
             sometimes and seems to be related to the distance between the 
             card emulator and the BT dongle?

          2) Sometimes writing a game to the card emulator ends up in an
             error, and we could not identify the cause for this issue.
             You might want to investigate it and come up with a fix :)

          3) In addition to 2) we (and probably a lot of users) would also
             welcome a seperate piece of software which can write to your
             microSD card filesystem (CEFS) with a standard card reader,
             rather than the BlackFin one.

          4) Please enable individual file dumping from within the BlackFin

          5) It would be awesome if users could check the currently available
             game carts which are online, without having the BT dongle 
             plugged in.

          6) A companion software for smartphones with bluetooth would be
             awesome, so people can authenticate their games on the go.
             PS Vita is a handheld after all right ? ;)

          7) Open your servers !! :D


          -- To the archive / catalogue / preservation scene --

          1) The BlackFin dumps don't seem to be 100% complete.

          2) The dump sizes look a bit strange, the only two we could 
             identiy right now are:

             1.958.739.968 Bytes and 3.959.422.976 Bytes

             The BlackFin Software lists them as 2GB and 4GB, whereas
             those bytes converted are around 1,82GB and 3,68GB. We don't
             know what might be missing here (if even). 

          3) It contains custom information from the BlackFin at 0x2000.


          -- To the keen devs --

          1) The filesystem on a PS Vita game cart seems to be exFAT,
             check 0x8000 for the beginning of the partition.
             If anyone could come up with a extractor, that would be very


          -- For the previous and (hopefully) coming PS Vita scene --

          1) We will dump the games as *.psv, because the dumps are not
             conform to any ISO standard and don't seem to be 1:1 raw
             binary dumps either.
             After *.nds, *.3ds, *.wud, etc. this should be fine ;)

          2) If anyone else out there pres PS Vita games, please include
             the game ID in the nfo, so the good private souls and Team
             Cobra can invest in those games to be hosted for authentification
             in the future.





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Still wish I had gotten a PSV ;-;

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Whats stopping you from getting one now then? Theyre basically free if you can live with 2nd hand. Even brand new ones arent that expensive anymore.




But...  "The filesystem on a PS Vita game cart seems to be exFAT"..... wat!? why the fk would they use exfat :s 


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I can confirm it is exfat, from what they said.

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Really weird... Why did they opt for such a common filesystem, when they used a heavily modified system on the ps3? That seems like a quite big security flaw, seeing as any PC would be able to read the system straight up, assuming one can break the encryption(i guess).

And, iirc, the Vita is running a linux dist similar to the PS4, which makes the use of exFAT even more weird... Would be more logical to use a *nix filesystem such as ext3 then.


... Have anyone figured out which filesystem the PS4 is using yet? :P 


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