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[Tutorial] Change the ip configuration of your payload without recompiling the project

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zecoxao    1,305

You'll need:
* the payload you want to edit
* HxD or any other hexeditor (since i'm on windows, i prefer using this one)

* a calculator that converts decimal to hexadecimal


Step 1:
Find out the original IP of the payload (in my case it is

Step 2:
Convert each of the numbers of the ip to hexadecimal. They'll be, in my case, 0xC0, 0xA8, 0x00 an 0x05.

Step 3:

Search in HxD for those four (c0a80005) in hex search.


Step 4:
Replace the occurrence with your ip of choice, using the rules of Step 1 and Step 2

There should be only one ocurrence of the pattern.

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OldBrain    156

Thank you, very useful as always, do not know when I will need to use this but it's still a good thing to know.

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w0x313    5

i'm gonna try this later, thanks for the inputs..

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