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Nintendo Sued By Man Wearing Donkey Kong Suit

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  • GregoryRasputin

Back in 2014 Nintendo was sued by a man who wore a Donkey Kong costume at an event celebrating the release of Donkey Kong on the 3DS, you can read about that here, well it seems that Nintendo either haven't learned their lesson of we have someone trying to get some free money as they are being sued yet again by someone wearing a Donkey Kong suit.




 Michael Oconitrillo was hired by Nintendo America to wear a Donkey Kong suit at a Mall/Shopping Center in California, Oconitrillo states that the suit was poorly ventilated and he was not allowed to take it off, which resulted in him suffering from physical and mental injuries, unfortunately i cannot find any court documents regarding this case, but the 'Exclusive' belongs to TMZ so it must be right O.o



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Hahhahaha this kind of shit only works in the us and a I guess

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Yikes, I doubt the guy will will. I mean it's nintendo for God's sake. Also I'm no lawyer but I'm sure all the years Disney has been around people have tried the same thing ( suing for heat stroke in stupid costumes) so I am sure they could dig up an old case won by Disney and say screw off. If it comes to that.

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