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[Released] 6.61 Infinity - PSP

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6.61 Infinity

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When a scene slows down, you always see the cry babies say 'the scene is dead' or state some other stupid comment, but this release from veteran developer Davee is proof that a scene never dies, it slows down, it may seem to pause for a very long time, but a scene is always a scene and will always have some sort of activity, here is a quote from the source:





Custom firmware was typically achieved through a bugged 1.50 subset and loaded a newer firmware on boot. Later, this method was improved through Pandora and allowed the (then new) slim PSP to run custom firmware too. A breakthrough in "code-signing" lead to the development of a 6.20 custom firmware for PSPgo and PSP 3000. Unfortunately, not all devices these days can use 6.20 firmware.

To solve this, I present 6.61 Infinity. By abusing a bug in 6.31, 6.61 Infinity utilises a similar technique to the old 1.50 firmwares to provide an upto-date custom firmware for all devices, excluding the E1000 (so far). Infinity itself is not a custom firmware; instead it allows the flexibility for users to install any compatible custom firmware they wish. For convenience, Infinity includes built-in functionality for both PRO and ME. Use the Infinity Configurator to update infinity and choose which custom firmware to boot into on start up.

This is my final farewell to the PSP. Bug fixes will be provided, but after 12 years of PSP, this is where it ends for me. I plan to continue work on the vita and start some new, exciting projects. To keep up-to date, follow me on twitter: @DaveeFTW. If you're interested in the technical write-up, check out my blog.




Here is a tutorial to help you install/use this release:

Thank You Davee for all your contributions to the PSP Scene :)

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    Developer: Davee
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    Source: http://infinity.lolhax.org/index.php

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