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How To | Backup & Replace PS4 HDD

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Hi guys, Merry Christmas to all and wishing you all the best :) 


Let's get down to business. In this tutorial I will show you how to backup your ps4's data to a HDD and replace the existing ps4 HDD with a new one/bigger one. 


Video Tutorial. Written can be found below.


Written TUT :)

First of all you will want to make sure you have the replacement drive and an external drive with capacity equivalent to that within your PS4 or greater than. So if you have a 500GB ps4 you will need an external HDD that is => 500GB.


Next step is to make sure that the external drive is formatted to FAT or exFAT so the ps4 can read it.

Once formatted plug it in to PS4 via USB port. Then from PS4 home screen navigate to --> settings --> system --> backup and restore --> backup once you are here the system will allow you to choose what you want to backup and will calculate the space required on the external HDD

Next step is to commence backup process (this will take a while if you backed up applications so maybe find something to do for 3 hours)

Once this step is complete you can unplug the PS4 from the power and we can begin to replace the Hard Drive


First make sure the PS4 has no cables plugged into it remaining. then you are going to want to slide the glossy cover away from the PS4 until it pops and you can remove it.

After you have taken this off you will need to unscrew the Playstation screw with the button symbols on it so we can access the Hard Drive bay.

When you have unscrewed that screw the Hard Drive should be able to slide out and you will then have to unscrew it from the Cradle 

Remove it when all screws are removed and place new Hard Drive in Cradle and use removed screws to fasten it. 

Slide Cradle back into bay and screw Playstation screw back in the same spot.

Make sure everything is correct and moves into place then put glossy cover back on PS4 and you are done with replacing. 


Boot PS4 back up and it will ask for a firmware file of the most recent firmware it had installed or above, you will be required to locate one for installation. The latest OFW can be found HERE

Once you have this Firmware you must place it on to a FAT formatted usb like so. On the root of USB you must make a Folder called PS4 --> UPDATE --> PS4UPDAT.PUP 

Place this USB in to PS4 when it asks for the firmware and then follow onscreen prompts to install it. This will now format the new Hard Drive and install the firmware so it will also take a while. 

Once this is complete it will ask to be set up like a new system so you may set it up as you would normally do. Then it will boot to home screen with no data (THIS IS FINE, WE WILL BE RESTORING MOMENTARILY) and you are done with the installation stage


Finally the restoration stage, once booted successfully to home screen you must navigate to --> settings --> system --> backup and restore --> restore then follow on screen prompts to to restore all backed up data. (This will take probably another 3 hours if you backed up applications) 

At last, the system should look exactly how it was before you began these procedures and you should have some more free space on your PS4 system. Hope this tutorial helped you guys. make sure to leave a like if it did and stay tuned for more :) peace out :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar

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