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Look @NeoSabin - A VR Horror Game

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Ever since Sony announced the new name for Project Morpheus, there have been some game titles mentioned for release, this one being a horror title, which can be played with or without VR, of course it won't be as much fun without the VR:



From the official site which is Korean, i think that the game is a remake from a PC game made back in 2001, but as Google destroys everything it translates, i cannot be 100% sure, maybe @Joonie can check for us :)


Official Site


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I beat this game after I saw the conference yesterday because I got nostalgic :)

I bought this game back in 2001 and really did enjoy it, especially right after Resident Evil got me in to horror games.


This is a first person survival horror. The game takes place in a mysterious highschool that has some dirty secrets. 

You're playing as a transferred male student who stopped by the highschool in the middle of the night due to whiteday.


*Whiteday in Korea is a day for men to present candies to girls (a reversed Valentine day), there is also a blackday after a month for the unfortunate people who couldn't find their boy or girlfriend, this day you eat black-soy-bean noodle a.k.a. 짜장면.


I liked this game a lot due to its multi-genre. The game consists of dating simulation, survival horror, and puzzles.


Here are some screenshots I took last night. (the one from 2001)









The mobile edition will be released on Nov 19th this year on both android and IOS.


I assume the graphic is going to be almost the same as PS4 version except it's missing VR support. 


I think the English version will also be out too, because their plan was to make this multi-locale back in 2001, and their earlier alpha versions did have an English subtitle.


maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)


I hope this game makes a success next year as they stated their expecting release year is 2016 though they didn't specify the exact date.


If there is no release in the U.S. then I'll just have to grab it with my Korean account :)

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