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PC Build For Architecture


Hi everyone

Quick question, I'm building a PC for a friend, it's mainly dedicated to Architecture, Graphic Designing and maybe some very light 3D modeling (and no advanced rendering),

BTW not gaming related


CPU:  I7 4790

GPU: GTX970 4GB or R9 280x (any suggestions ?)



SSD: 120GB

PU: 750W haven't decided yet on witch model

so what do you suggest to me guys ?

BTW keep in mind that this build is not gaming related


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I would go for more RAM, at least 16GB. Its cheap enough anyway so theres no valid reason not to. The GFX-card might be a bit overkill, but it doesnt hurt to have some headroom in the performance.

3D modelling, light or not, is one thing that eats RAM fairly quickly, as do high-res graphic designing.

Back when I was doing 3D modelling(this was over 10 years ago) the prio was a fast CPU and lots of RAM. And a fast HDD of course, but that goes without saying. And with SSD's these days thats not really an issue anymore. Should there be need for even faster DD speeds one could always buy another SSD and put the 2 in a raid. I used to run 2 10krpm raptor hdd's back then.

If possible, I would look into switching those DDR3 to DDR4's instead.

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Yeah, you need to focus on RAM, faster as posible... try to mount the max RAM speed allowed by the CPU/motherboard

And about RAM size... 8GB is not bad but with 16GB is better

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