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Windows 10 Xbox App September Update

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Microsoft have updated their Xbox App for Windows 10:




Real-time Friends list presence. Your Friends list will automatically refresh with your friends’ on/offline status and the apps and games in which they’re currently engaged – including whether the game they’re playing can be joined via multiplayer or party.

Real-time Activity Feed updates. No need to hit refresh to see new Activity Feed items; keep the Xbox app open and your Activity Feed will let you know when there are new items to view, comment on, like, or re-share.

Game progress comparison. Feeling competitive? Discover how you stack up against your friends on specific game progress by visiting the Achievements section of your profile and selecting ‘Compare.’ You’ll enjoy a side-by-side comparison of your selected friends’ progress on games you’ve recently played, including game completion percentage, Gamerscore and Achievements earned.

Console text entry. We’re also bringing one of the most requested features from Xbox Feedback to the Xbox app on Windows 10 – the ability to use the Xbox app for text input on Xbox One. You will now be able to use the Xbox app and other inputs compatible with Windows devices – keyboards, touch keypads, and the like – to enter text in search boxes and more on Xbox One



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This looks better than what Sony has to offer in the way of streaming games from the console, too bad I'll probably never own an Xbox one. It would be cool if the game devs could make use of this feature, games that offer split screen would be able to use two screens at the same time, like how the Wii U does it.

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:D Dude you know that there is a own TV from Sony for PS3 which will show you both screens for both user but for both full screen ? ^^

Well about the software, i couldn't care less about such stuff but that's maybe only me :P

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