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Broken PS4 d/l speed - workaround

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This is my guide to using PSX Download Helper. PSX Download Helper has been around for a while and is especially helpful if you have low data caps, suffer from poor d/l speeds on your PS4 or want to be able to copy your PSN games to your PS4 individually instead of delete/download followed by pause, resume, pause, resume…. click rest mode or having your PS4 out of commission while you do a lengthy backup/restore.

PSX Download Helper is open source software from Elan Dong(someone can correct me here?) that allows you to, among other things, download your PSN games to your computer and install onto your PS4.

This also means that you can delete games off your PS4 and reinstall them when ever you like.


Guide Time

Jump on your PC and go to this page https://psxdownloadhelper.codeplex.com/releases/view/132329

to download the 1.8.zip file


Unzip PSX Helper file & run the program


Write down the ip address that appears on the drop down tab.

Leave the port as 8080.

Click the green start button on the right.


We should now have a screen  like above.

In the 5th tab there is a drop down menu. Find the english setting


After selecting english exit the program and turn on your PS4.

Go to network settings on the PS4 and set up an internet connection.

Choose your connection method(preferably wired to experience the speed buff) then choose custom.

Assign your PS4 with its own static ip address.

subnet is usually

default gateway is your routers ip address, most common is

primary and secondary dns server can be obtained from your isp or you can use the google ones(primary: secondary

Click auto for MTU.

Proxy server click enable - or whatever the affirmative response is.

Enter your ip that you wrote down earlier.


Proceed to the next screen and scoot over to your computer and restart the PSX Helper app.

Its should be in english now, click the green start button again.

Back on your PS4 complete the network setup and give the PS4 a connection test to see that your settings are correct.

**If you have a remote play device it might come in handy especially if your computer and PS4 are opposite ends of the house**


Now the part where things get interesting.

On your PS4 menu go to library and find a game(for the purpose of this guide find a small sized game to familiarize yourself with how this works) from your account that you want to re d/l.


Click the d/l button/icon then head to the notification/Downloads screen so you can quickly pause the d/l in its tracks.


Our computer software now has a url link to get the game from. Pause any game updates trying to d/l too


Back on our PC screen we should have something pop up like the above(for guides sake pretend that the local address bar is blank and that my screen is in the Log tab not the History tab vrKMd44l4kgmGI39sqiXzmY8pTwHmXhVvi748e-w). Highlight the url link being outputted in the PSN address bar and an orange bar should appear. You can see the name of the game in the file name


Also note that we are given 2 PSN links(//gs2.ww.prod…. and //ic.7a3….) for 1 file it doesn’t matter which one of the 2 you choose/copy either link will work.

Also dont get the actual games twisted with game update patches which are similarly named.

Example below of game patch.

1qcwncijg24gC1KkUUFf7RmJVAPbr7Ai4NmBBx5WTake a look at the orange label when I highlighted the game update url. It has a similar name to the game file but with a small self explanatory difference.

UP0700-CUSA01338_00-PROJECTCARS00000-A0104-V0100-DP.pkg. The bolded 104 is the game version patch.

If the update was version 1.07 then the update would change to UP0700-CUSA01338_00-PROJECTCARS00000-A0107-V0100-DP.pkg


For this guide you are hopefully using a small sized game. Once you are used to this method you will obviously be using it for the large games.

For reference the maximum file size is 4 gigs. A game that is 17 gigs will be sent in 5 parts(4 parts of 4 gig and the final part being the remaining 1 gig of data). I’ll give you a tip later on in reference to  grabbing these large games.

With that out of the way double click the PSN link of your game. Paste the link into your address bar on your browser and download.

Make note of where the file gets saved to as you’ll need to allocate the game file with the PSN link/s

Go to the folder of the game file you just d/led and drag it onto the blank address bar


As you can see above I tend to drag the file into the local bar for both //gs2.ww.prod…. and //ic.7a3…thus allocating the file to both links for future use


Go back to your PS4 and resume the download. Instead of d/ling from the online CDN @ 200kbps you can max out your PC ethernet speeds... as you can see it took me 9 minutes to transfer the 4 gig Project Cars file. Once you are finished using the PSX Download Helper go back to network connection on the PS4 and turn off the Proxy option.


For large sized games

For your large games that come in multiple 4 gig parts you just need the link to the 1st file for me/Project Cars its


We chop link in half as per:

I’ve taken the first link and chopped it off after .pkg

See where that bolded 0 is? Change it to 1 and paste the link to get the second part of game data, after the 2nd file has d/led change that 1 to a 2 up until we get our final piece of the game. If you dont know how many parts a game has just keep increasing until your browser gives you a 404 error. The following link is an example where I substituted the 0 with a 3 which will be the 4th part 4 gig file in the Project Cars download


Keep these parts organized and check out the log screen on PSX download helper.


After your 1st part has transferred to your PS4 you will see a new link pop up on PSX helper. Allocate the d/led game file into the local address bars(you might want to quickly pause and resume d/l on the PS4 if it looks like the PS4 is d/ling from PSN rather than your PC). Remember to highlight the PSN link and check the orange label to make sure you link the correct game file in there.


Prime uses and work arounds:

Organize a hard drive/folder on your PC specifically for the games and update patches, dont move or rename anything once you’ve allocated a game file to its PSNlink on the helper app.

If you have poor d/l speeds or low data allowance caps use PSX download helper at home to get your links and d/l the links where ever you can use unlimited data school, work, relatives internet cafe etc.

You can delete any game as often as you want from your PS4 to make room. When you want to reinstall said game turn proxy back on in network settings and also turn PSX download helper back on. If you havent moved the game files around you wont need to setup anything again. Just run the app, enable Proxy on your PS4network settings and choose the game in your account download list to transfer it back.

Take your PSN games on an external hard drive to a friends/relatives place. Quickly set up the proxy software up on their PC and after logging into your PSN account on their PS4 transfer the games in minutes instead of hours.


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Think you so much. thats exactly what I was looking for, I just brought a PS4 and was downloading a few games on PSN (man the speed is awful).

this will help me a lot :) .

Don't ming my English skilzzz

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@Rautz hopefully it is fixed the way you wanted it posted.

Thanks Greg! :) Its perfect mate.



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wonder if this would work for other ps devices. ps vita^_^

Yeah on his blog he says PS3 and PS Vita are also supported. 

Edited by Rautz

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been trying to get my ps4 to connect... I've been failing for 3 hrs so far:unsure::(

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well with the firewall disabled. and after having to switch roles with private & public network locations. I figured out and corrected both issues Thanks @Rautz this method is exactly what I've been needing since witcher 3 came out. now time to figure out how to download individual patches/updates for ps4 games. then onto figuring out how to get my ps vita games :):):):):):D

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.I've been looking but I can't seem to find a way to obtain my license.. does anyone have ideas.

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