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Shenmue 3 sets the record for becoming the fastest $1 million crowdfunded game ever


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Shenmue 3 has set a Guinness World Record for becoming the fastest video game to raise $1 million in pledges on a crowdfunding platform.

The highly-anticipated sequel reached the milestone in just one hour and 42 minutes on Kickstarter, smashing past the previous record of six hours and five minutes set by Torment: Tides of Numenera in 2013. 



Shenmue 3 has also become the second-fastest Kickstarter project overall, sitting behind the Pebble Watch smartwatch.


The game reached its Kickstarter goal yesterday (June 16) of $2 million in pledges, which was accumulated from nearly 25,000 backers.

Its Kickstarter campaign will end on July 18.

Helmed by Yu Suzuki and built using Unreal Engine 4, Shenmue 3 is planned for PS4 and PC in 2017.

Xbox One and Wii U versions are uncertain at this point.

source : http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a653538/shenmue-3-sets-the-record-for-becoming-the-fastest-usd1-million-crowdfunded-game-ever.html#~pfZlhpdXQ2RnjC



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