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Two words about DS4 PCU

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Three days ago I was cleaning my DS4 (there was a small problem with the analog sticks), and when inserted plume several contacts and separates from the substrate and short-circuiting. The problem is that the battery has been connected to the board.

As a result - burnt PCU BD92001, which is the driver of the backlight controller battery charge and from the same powered motors ..

Find or in my country nor in the next can not.

So, gamepad works when connected via USB wire, but there is no backlight, and vibration. PCU unsoldered from the board completely as the heats.

UPD. Found one reseller, need wait one month.

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Holy necro-post Batman!

But yes...that would indeed appear to be the correct part.

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haha sorry about that. try to revive an overheat ds4. but not much details about it. thanks 

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