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[Information] PS4 Hacking Rumours And Progress

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The PS4 has been around for a whole now and in that time we have had a few fakes posted around the internet and front paged on a few scene sites.
  The reason i am creating this thread, is so that i can use this post, to keep you guys updated with information regarding rumours, fakes and the progress that has been made in hacking the PS4.
Anyone with privileges can edit this post and add your own information if you want to do.
8th May 2015
This one started out on Facebook, in which a Brazilian posted a message to one of his friends, stating that his PS4 was ready, the message had a video with it and shows the user starting some digital titles:

Here is a quote from garyOPA regarding the subject:

Yeah, the video is crap, but sadly the 'exploit' is real, at least dozen shops are now selling the 'service' (between $100 to $150 USA) which basically is filling up your PS4 HDD with as much games as you can fit from list of 'working games', 'what Google translates' as SAUSAGE.
The 'working' games are basically all paid for digital downloads that have been bought at one time for one or more PSN accounts, then the 'package' has been sold to shops for high price, and then they using the 'exploit' have a way to clone the downloaded/captured PSN packages onto other machines, using small device that somehow tricks the PS4 into activating the games perm. for the new cloned PS4.
Rumor is this can be done via dumping the NOR and changing bits on the other PS4's but reports that they doing it remotely via the Ethernet port, without a need to open up the PS4 and change the NOR.
Maybe it is possible a 'service jig' has been cloned or stolen again, the PS3 jailbreak device that first started the PS3 scene and got sold for $99 each was originally a copy of stolen official ps3 service jig from an authorized Sony Mexico service center.
I am still digging out more info, and even tho the video sucks, sadly this 'pirating' clone of PSN games using an exploit in the 'gameshare' activation is very real, and being kept for now within their home country, but I waiting on confirmation of reports now of one Asia shop doing it, and European one that have exported the 'package' and 'ethernet-thingie' from Brazil for a very high price.
Sadly this is no a jailbreak, or homebrew thingie, it is pure in-house modshop commercial selling of pirated games, much like how the true blue started using special blank blu-rays in Asia, before that part was removed and then just encrypted eboots with DRM dongle instead, if this expansion of this 'pirate service' keeps up and Sony does not block it totally, it would not surprise if we end up seeing soon a new drm-ps4 version of true blue slipping into the Ethernet port being sold to customers in the very near future.


10th May 2015
This method has been known for a while to those that were selling the service, but was today revealed by cfwprophet:



12th May 2015

A Brazilian website has give a detailed description on the shops that sell these type of services, here are some Google Translated quotes:

How it works

"You let your game here and we put 10 games on your HD", begins to explain the attendant."We put a chip on your board PS4, we connect our laptop to the chip, formatted the hard drive and copied video games. After that, we removed the chip and deliver the device," he says.Simple like that.

The seller shows such a chip, which is nothing less than a Raspberry Pi. It is a microcomputer of the size of a match box, and can be programmed to do many things, including such a "release" PlayStation 4.

According to the official, using a special program and the "chip", technicians can make you play any game of the PlayStation 4. More than that, the games can be updated normally and to work in multiplayer. "You can play online and even Sony will know if you are playing an original game or not," promises. The procedure usually takes at least three days.


Business in China? No, Russia

According to the seller, the release scheme PlayStation 4 was created in Russi. "And you can speak Russian?" I asked."No, but it does have website translation".


With the game in hand it was time to do more tests. Some days of testing later, the games continued to operate normally, including upgrading and multiplayer.



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