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PC gaming deals for the weekend of April 17th


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This weekend you can grab a free game from Steam. I have yet to play it so I can not say if it is a good game or not, but some people like filling their library with shit they will never play :P




The game will not be free after this weekend.


Edit: To clear up some confusion. The game has already been added to your steam library. You have to cofirm the download to link it to your steam account. Once you do that the game is yours to keep. Also it appears that this deal is US only. The game is early access and is apparently going to be Free2Play. Not sure why they are making a big deal out of it being free this weekend.


Also in case you guys don't visit the humble bundle site often, the EA bundle is back. Awesome collection of games with more games coming, and the proceeds help charity.




It lets you redeem the games on origin as well as gives you seperate steam keys. I like collecting unused keys to use in future contests/giveaways

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