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Pre Order PS Vita L2/R2 Button Grip Cover

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  • GregoryRasputin

The PS Vita has no L2 or R2 buttons, which means Remote Play users have to make do with using the touch pad at the back of the console, which isn't the most comfortable to use, which is why this device that adds physical L2/R2 is a good idea for people who can't get used to the touch pad, here is a description from the source:




With the PS Vita's recent 3.50 "Yukimura" firmware update, one of the most talked about features is the change to Remote Play and Share Play: games that support 60fps will now be also streamed at 60fps on the Vita!


And while this is exciting technically, there is still the issue that many Vita owners just can't get around, regardless of reason; there are still no L2/R2 buttons!


While some players have become adept at using the rear touch pad, and some games such as Destiny have custom mapping features in game for the sake of Remote Play, in general, if you can't get used to it, you just can't get used to it.


So, with all that, here is a brand new peripheral by Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries with an idea that literally changes the game. With their L2/R2 Button Grip Cover, by simply snapping it on your PS Vita Slim, you'll be able to "touch" the rear pad by using a mechanism attached to respective L2/R2 triggers!


If that's the case, if you fail at setting up a stun attack in Bloodborne - you can't blame the game ;) Time for Remote Play!




You can pre order it here:

L2/R2 Button Grip Cover (Black) - Play-Asia - Affiliate Link

L2/R2 Button Grip Cover (White) - Play-Asia - Affiliate Link




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I dont like the style of it. Looks a bit uncomfortable. The PDP Trigger Grip is better, although it is NOT a L2/R2 grip...

Maybe I should finish my grip which Ive been meaning to convert to L2/R2, and make a tutorial or something. Ive made proper L1/R1 buttons so far, and I already know how to make the L2/R2.



But, what the hell took them so long to come up with this? People have been screaming for a l/r2 grip ever since the PS4 was released(some even earlier for the ps3).

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Question stays why $ony didn't add the buttons on the so-called improved slim model.... Ow wait, I know the answer.... because $ony NEVER listens to their customers...


Or is it the McDonalds philosophy $ony loves.... we are only allowed to take things away, not to add... (this is the standard answer I always get when I order a Quarter Pounder and ask for small hamburger onions in stead of the standard big onions from the Quarter Pounder, result: better no onions as the big onions for me) ;)

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Commodore CDTV --> First console with a CD player ever :heart:

(my CDTV has a 68030, 2mb chip- and 4mb fastram, VGA output, floppy emu with USB and can also boot from SCSI CF card :P)

AmigaOne X1000 --> fastest consumer PPC computer for now...

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