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Question regarding using ps3 to transfer an exploit game to vita

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Ok. I'm looking to buy tekken 2 (ps1) on a ps3 and transfer it to my vita so I can use TN-X. Problem is, I only have CFW ps3s.

Is it possible to do this if I were to install the latest CFW on my ps3? Or do I have to buy a OFW ps3 just for this?


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It is possible, but you risk getting both the PS3 AND your PSN account banned. And since the PSN account needs to be the same as on the Vita, you'll lose anything youve bought for the Vita as well.


Its not worth the risk imo. If you have a hardware flasher, go back to OFW to do the Vita-related stuff, then downgrade back to a CFW once done.


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