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TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator for PSVita

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File Name: TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator for PSVita

File Submitter: GregoryRasputin

File Submitted: 24 Feb 2015

File Category: PC Software

For those of you using the bubble feature on the PS Vita, LMAN has created an application that will make the process quicker and a lot less tedious, here is a quote from the ReadMe:

TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator for PSVita Written By LMAN © 2015

Just Drag'n'Drop EBOOT.PBP file to the first input field then

Add the full path of the ISO\Homebrew into the second field,

Type the Current Cloned Bubble-ID of the game into the third field,

If you want to add a boot screen image, add any image into the forth field.

Press on the Save icon to Save the loader file,

and this tool will create a folder that based on the Cloned-Bubble ID,

that contains EBOOT.PBP file and also the required files to start TNVLoader.

One of these files named PATH.TXT, this text file contains the full path to

the ISO\CSO\EBOOT.PBP file which you entered it into the second field,

You can change the location inside the PATH.TXT if you want to launch another file.

But you cannot copy the files from the Cloned-Bubble ID Game folder into another one,

Because it will not work, so if you want to recreate the files, run this tool and enter the new Cloned Bubble-ID game.



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