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Gamesonic Manager v 3.57

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The news does not end in Gamesonic Manager and if you've been following the site this article here Gamesonic Manager Update to version 3.57 bringing many new.
Starting from videos that can be started from the games list (obviously you need to create a VIDEO folder on your external HDD/usb external), with the help of 3141card and zecoxao the mamba part quickly (within 2 seconds), new icon thanks to @nokekko155 and much more.


Mamba re-included with gamesonic manager and no longer outer-code for the flash dump rewritten (now understands if you find on flash nand or nor)-Deleted Exchange code psid (function not required)
-Fan Control Utility shows the original made by Estwald
-Gui options Menu rewritten and faster
-Now every menu displays the version of CFW and the temperature of the ps3
-Now movies in MP4 format-AVI-XVID-DIVX-MKV are displayed and can be started from the games list
-Now the manager rename and use the files only on CFW not discless cobra
-Reduced boot time of mamba seconds (2 seconds thanks to the guidance of developer 3141card)
-Code to optimized cleaning syscall
-By pressing the Triangle games now the manager will remove the syscall
-Now in file manager when you click on a plugin will be automatically installed in boot_plugins and dev_hdd0 will be changed to allow booting
-Added option in the Tools menu to ripiristinare initial settings manager
-Loader of manager rewritten and faster (thanks deank for his old source code by Multiman)
-Fixed audio bug caused by fan control utility while in payload mode
-Code to load the mamba rewritten and improved (thanks to tips from developer zecoxao and 3141card)
-Improved USb bus Reset function, now active only when it starts a game PS3 FAT32 device
-New icon for Gamesonic Manager (thanks nokekko)
Showtime re-plugged in Gamesonic Manager
-File browser self-dumping self by Multiman
-Various optimizations in source code


Estwald,Rancid-o,Joonie,Deank,Aldo Vargas,Habib,3141card,zecoxao



Gamesonic Manager v3.57

Source Code

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