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Xposed for Lollipop

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The Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop (5) is finally here!


Note that this is still an alpha version and for Lollipop on ARMv7+ devices only.
Please install it only if you're willing to take the risk of boot loops.


Known issues:
- It seems to boot loop on Samsung stock ROMs. I have received a file which I can use to analyse this issue, but it might take some time.
Update: There's a difference in the format of *.oat files on Samsung ROMs. I'm trying to find out more.
- If you have downloaded the files within the first hour, your phone boots but the installer says that the framework is not installed, please download the updated version and flash again. XposedBridge version must be 61 afterwards.
- If everything is working fine, but the app_process version is not displayed, it's just a display error that can be ignored (will be fixed later).


xposed-arm-20150213b.zip: Must be flashed with a custom recovery to install the framework.
XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha1.apk: Must be installed to manage installed modules
No, it's not using material design yet. Yes, there are more important topics for now.
XposedBridgeApi-20150213.jar: The API for module developers, in case they want to make use of some new features. Might be changed slightly until the stable release!


Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/official-xposed-lollipop-t3030118


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That took longer than expected o.o


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Hell yea! thanks for the news. I've been waiting forever for this, gave up looking so you just saved me weeks of not knowing about it.

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