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Happy Birthday xxmcvapourxx

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Happy birthday xxmcvapourxx

Sent from my Galaxy S5 or my toaster depending on which room im in....

My collection:

PSP's - 1006 (TA079) pb various CFW, 2004(TA088v3) as 6.61 Infinity, 3004(TA090v2) pb 6.61 Infinity

PS Vita - PCH1004 3.60 kaiHENkaku with Adrenaline

PS3 - Slim CECH2004B 4.66 DARKNET COBRA CEX v1.00

PS4's - 2x CUH-1215B 4.06 OFW

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happy birthday from me also :)

Commodore CDTV --> First console with a CD player ever :heart:

(my CDTV has a 68030, 2mb chip- and 4mb fastram, VGA output, floppy emu with USB and can also boot from SCSI CF card :P)

AmigaOne X1000 --> fastest consumer PPC computer for now...

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