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[RELEASE] Rahim-US updates ME and LME CFW's for PSP OFW 6.61


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Its only been a few days since the strange release of the PSP OFW 6.61. This release being the first in more than three and a half years and after most in the scene believing that the PSP was dead and forgotten by Sony. Stranger still is that the firmware offers nothing new to the user (that's actually not all that strange at all!) and further that it blocks NOTHING with regard to the exploits used for CFW/LCFW's.

Hot on the heels of this release comes the update of one of the most popular CFW/LCFW's around, Neor0n's ME (Minimal Edition) and LME (Lite Minimal Edition). Scener Rahim-US, the curator of the now retired Neor0n's work, has released 6.61 ME and 6.61 LME. Unfortunately these CFW's offer nothing new (Not that much more is available) to the user other than the development of the cIPL for CHA PSP's which is missing in the 6.61 PRO C f3 release. PHA PSP's still have to restart the LCFW after a reboot but that's really not much of a hassle. Watch The Zett's video detailing all of this here....


Looking forward to further developments in the PSP scene.


Source: Wololo/Talk


Source: PSPSlimHacks

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My collection:

PSP's - 1006 (TA079) pb various CFW, 2004(TA088v3) as 6.61 Infinity, 3004(TA090v2) pb 6.61 Infinity

PS Vita - PCH1004 3.60 kaiHENkaku with Adrenaline

PS3 - Slim CECH2004B 4.66 DARKNET COBRA CEX v1.00

PS4's - 2x CUH-1215B 4.06 OFW

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