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[RESEARCH] LA Noire Save Files



So I spent a few days working on a decrypter for LA Noire. Thanks for a friend on helping me on this we finally got it to work. The save was very tough because they used this buggy AES implementation, but we still got it biggrin.gif.

This game uses two different AES keys, one for the actual save and the other for the preferences and profile save.

I haven't found anything so far so that is why I'm asking if you guys can help me, so we can make a beastly save editor biggrin.gif.

Actual save:



Profile save:



Also if you want me to decrypt your LA Noire save data, post them in this thread and I'll get back on you with the decrypted saves!


It would be nice if everyone can help contribute to LA Noire as its a game never decrypted before on the Playstation 3 console. Not even GameGenie has anything for this game...


I'll leave the download link to my decrypted save data files.

Happy research!


Download Link:


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Okay, after further investigation of the save file, I found that there's some kind of .mp3 file embedded inside the save file. I have no idea where the sound is stored (offset). I just simply saw something in the save "LAME3.98.4". I remembered that keyword when I used to research .mp3 files, and that's how I knew there was a .mp3 (it could be any sound format) embedded inside.


I literally simply renamed the save to have the extension .mp3 , and I dragged it to Audacity and voila there was sound :P




It would be cool if some other people can help me research this save, as not much people are interested in this awesome game. One of the best games ever!

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