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  1. [Quiz]Nintendo switch quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 85/100 My Time 58 seconds  
  2. [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 174 seconds  
  3. Does anyone have a NES or Famicom Classic?

    i was able to buy the NES mini last week, it really was hard to find, this Brook device is great in case i decided to open my NEC classic in the First place
  4. Does anyone have a NES or Famicom Classic?

  5. Dev Tool DECR-1000a CP software update

    I had some issues like that, you need @zecoxao or @Joonie they 100% can help u with that
  6. Great Thing bro, I am really thinking of building my Mini Arcade Machine and a fight stick of my own and i do need all the help i can find i
  7. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    Wish you all the Best Johan, been a long time mt Freind
  8. [Quiz] WiiU Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 18/100 My Time 159 seconds  
  9. Merry Christmas From PlayStationHaX

    Merry Christmas to all you Guys
  10. Happy Birthday @3absiso

    no worries bro,,, Thanx a lot
  11. Happy Birthday @3absiso

    Thank u guys for all the wishes we are getting older each day
  12. Happy Birthday zecoxao

    Happy Birthday Zeco, wish u all the best my friend
  13. GregoryRasputin Is Back And So Is PlayStationHaX

    and i was looking for the site for the past one week
  14. And The Winner Is...

    Congratulation for the winner nice gift Greg