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  1. Syscon Eeprom from DECR (full dump)

    Very nice work
  2. I Won An Award

    To all the people who said i would'nt amount to much in my life , i say HA HA HA http://i.imgur.com/mEixr2V.jpg I might celebrate with a couple of huge dicks
  3.     unfortunatly yes
  4.     i still have one glove , my dog ate the other one
  5. playstationhax.xyz artwork

    this is for you @gregoryrasputin http://imgur.com/a/phS5t
  6. playstationhax.xyz artwork

    Made a quick pic for you guys , hope you like it. http://i.imgur.com/aiu6Anu.jpg Any requests from members for banners / logo's etc ... just leave a message
  7.     scrap that shit please ... new start
  8. back from the wilderness for a second go at life!!!! Hello to all my old friends (actually dont know if i had any) hope to make new ones