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  1. Happy Birthday BobbyBlunt

    happy birthday anicent one!! have a good day

  3. [Quiz]Nintendo switch quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 14/100 My Time 11 seconds  
  4. Merry Christmas From PlayStationHaX

    Merry Christmas Everyone Have a good one!!! Bring on 2017 let's end this shit 2016, Anyway enjoy, :-p
  5. PS4 disassembler/debugger

    There is no ps4 disassemble at the moment , but if you find the 1.76 kernel someone might have it and grab all the symbols and get yourself IDA (paid obviously) and create yourself plugins. or Grab the PS3 plugins from xorloser or kakaroto as that was also based on freebsd for ps4, if you want to start reversing stuff find someone who has dumped the ps4 and they might give you some files and start to learn, we do have this lovely site that some people forget it's there http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Main_Page you might find some info.
  6. 5pm fuck sake I just be getting in at that time stupid American and there backwards time ???
  7. i dunno man tekken is a PlayStation game and always will be . never played it on xbox so it be good. I would rinse you on street fighter no doubt you rinse me on tekken...
  8. @BobbyBlunt tekken tag tournement :-p time to get my xbox out and get this.... xbox is beating sony with games lately.
  9. I Will Give You $50 for $40

  10. Happy Birthday LostDeathNight

    happy birthday you old git
  11. Want To Be A News Poster On The Forum ?

    I would not do copy and paste again, i would love to write my own articles.
  12. Want To Be A News Poster On The Forum ?

    I would love to be a news reporter for the site. skills - scan's all websites for story's. - pro copy and paste on this forum <--- @Lucif3r @StarMelter can vouch for me the mount of times they have edited for me on here. - i post mostly on here with some story's. - would love to write my own article. - being an arsehole so i could put up a fight. Vote : vapour to be newsreporter #2016
  13. [Released] Vitamin - Official Release - PS Vita

    i want to hear your sexy american voice in a rant lol
  14. Deals With Gold 22nd August 2016

    Oh some good games here....
  15. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Allow it lightingshit calm your mouth down right or i'll set @StarMelter on you!!!