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  1. What firmware is your PS4 running?

    1.75 here.
  2. Happy birthday zecoxao!

    Happy birthday BRO
  3. Aldo's Tools Link

    This is the note I found about where I took the file: NOTE: Your AV may report it as viruses or malware. This is due to the way PKG_ContentID.exe associates to several file extensions (including Directory), and the AV believes that it is trying to take control of Windows on a malicious way. It is best to disable your AV when you install it. Then add extractions for it's folder and all sub folders in your AV settings after installing it. I saved the file on my pc, then scanned it with eset nod32 and did not detect any viruses.
  4. Aldo's Tools Link

    Nothing You may receive some alert from your browser or antivirus but do not worry, it's normal.
  5. Aldo's Tools Link

    I took it from here yesterday https://www.sendspace.com/file/1oqp8y
  6. GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

    Yea, welcome back GregoryRasputin and congrats for the happy event
  7. GrigoriRasputin will be away for a bit

    Good luck for whatever you have to do GregoryRasputin and I recommend, try not to get too fat in the meantime xD
  8. These look like brave guys.
  9. [music of the day]

  10. How To Easily Kill Your Console

    I only see shit in this thing, nothing brilliant, intelligent and evolutionary, a waste of time.
  11. John Wick 2

    I saw John Wick 1 just last week, it was a coincidence, I did not know the existence of this film, I liked it a lot, as soon as possible, therefore, I will watch the second film but in all cases I not love do the queue to the cinema.
  12. [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 6/100 My Time 49 seconds