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  1. I only see shit in this thing, nothing brilliant, intelligent and evolutionary, a waste of time.
  2. I saw John Wick 1 just last week, it was a coincidence, I did not know the existence of this film, I liked it a lot, as soon as possible, therefore, I will watch the second film but in all cases I not love do the queue to the cinema.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 6/100 My Time 49 seconds  
  4. I am moved boy, happy christmas!!!
  5. Maybe they were paid by someone to induce others to update their ps4 with fw 1.76 xD
  6. This exploit has the community divided, some say its fake because the LED doesn't go a certain way and others say it's legit because it was showcased at a big conference, decide for yourself: Source Via Via Via
  7. Happy birthday Bro
  8. Hey ugly snouts, I missed you. Welcome back @GregoryRasputin I hope you are ok now
  9. Congratulations to the winner
  10. Excuse the question ignorantly, but it is a confirmed procedure? in the sense ... has anyone been able to restore its ps4 by rewriting sFlash? I ask this because years ago a friend of mine who was perhaps the first to make the dump via hardware flasher, after playing with the dump has bricked the ps4, then, even writing the original dump is no longer been able to restore his ps4. I thought maybe, based on the changes that take place on the flash, they might have also an effect on other data written elsewhere, as the syscon on ps3, I'm wrong? Forgive me but I have not time to follow the ps4 scene, so they are very behind in the things that concern
  11. For you PlayStationHax
  12. Thanks Greg for sharing, given the technical nature of the videos I found them very pleasant, I really like running into this kind of repairs, even though I can not compare myself to Ben Heck xD
  13. On come on, we're not here to quarrel, do these blessed tests and let us know,