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  1. there are enough junk laser for x360 that I bought as a new/working laser but they wont work anymore. I dont want to tell you that your laser is problem but it could be one of your choice to check again again and again
  2. the scene alwayes need the fighter man like you lel ;-) wlc back
  3. thats what I think too but I dont know which pin/s is/are audio puls. as wiki said this 8 pins 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,12 are auido channel. the trace going to hdmi controller chip. is there any way to chck them ? both of them are 1080i and the device set to auto tnx
  4. Hello I dont want to create another thread as my problem is hdmi port again Ive another ps4 with bad HDMI/video card here : http://pasteboard.co/nCp9krs0a.jpg http://pasteboard.co/nCs1iWrcH.jpg http://pasteboard.co/nCsdN4Brp.jpg this time the port looks fine and I checked all pins with mm there isnt any failed. the problem is when I connect directly to tv,there are a lot of dots(like when the port is gone) BUT when I coonect to monitor(with the dvi to hdmi covertor)its good :-s trust me I used another tv,another cable etc... what you think guys ? tnx
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 151 seconds  
  6. Your job is good enough but I prefer using post out qsb too
  7. wish the Best for you guys. Happy Christmas <3 for peace
  8. Happy Birthday to you Freeman
  9. I used thicker wire for 5v(it was pain in the a$s lol) .. y Im sure that was my solder problem. anyway thanks for feedback
  10. ye my bad...resoldering all pins solved the problem
  11. Hello I replaced Some hdmi port but this case i stuck >.< unfortunately ive burend 5 pads so I have to use thin wire to reconnect the trace to pin. after 5-10 min the display gone(there is signal)..is it related to my solder or ic ? the pins gone are 1,3,4,18,19 I think pin 18 should be good solder cause its voltage but others are data and the easy connection(not weak)should be enough..am i worng ? my camera is so bad ill add some good quality pic
  12. thanks to awaken some old dinasours from the cave :troll:
  13. Happy birth day greg You cant limited a Russian man so he is driving when he is drunked :-)
  14. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z170-A/ 1eur ? :-o RAMs parts has very different prices here so I want to start with 8gb.
  15. here is my new config that I wanna assemble : core i7 6700k asus z170 A 8gb ddr4 ram(for starting ofc) 6oo-700 w @Lucif3r is it good enough to continue ?