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  1. Can't view it
  2. This thread still is alive somehow
  3. @mrnameless has made a YouTube video on how to get the PS4 Debug PKG Installer (again) with alot of handy files for n00bs and i have personal linked each individual file (yes, it took a while) Apps.url.txt browser.bin debug.bin FileZilla_3.24.0_win64-setup.exe ftp-debug.bin ftp.bin games.url.txt Ghosts.bin GTAMenu.bin How to install gta 5 mod menu.url.txt How to use payloads.url.txt nc.exe payload.bat.txt Perm Browser Payload IP Patcher.exe PS4PayloadIPEditor v1.01.exe RTM Trophies TUT.url.txt trpsummary.dat I would Highly Recommend a Virus Scan for any of the .exe(s) mentioned above to be Safe
  4. i actually saw it on twitter posted by Senaxx and i knew go to github (i do go on your site to see your articles tho to give me an idea how to make mine) https://twitter.com/Senaxx/status/836032139418193922
  5. PSVita Developer @BenMitnicK recently Update VitaToolBox to v1.21 Change Log for v1.21 Add launch select language in option Bug fix for bg image Add and cancel in language file Add param.ini for 100% Customizing Select Manager Add instruction manual Additional Note from Dev Download VitaToolBox v1.21 Source
  6. PS3 Developer @Zar same person who created ManaGunz has also released the PS2 Config Editor for PS3 CFW Users Q. What is PS2 Config Editor? A. it edits PS3's PS2 Config for Emulation (it also can improve game compatibility for some games) find more info at http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Emulation#CONFIG_File Here's a quote from @Zar via PSX-Place Download Source Code Source (1) (2)
  7. PS3 Developer @aldostools has released another update to webman MOD via his Github What is webman mod? (quote via github) What are the new Features? (looks similar to 1.47) The proxy plugin is not longer generated by webMAN MOD. Now eula_cddb_plugin.sprx is used as XMB proxy, instead of idle_plugin.sprx Use the updater to install the proxy plugin or copy it manually to /dev_hdd0/tmp/eula_cddb_plugin.sprx Plugin now allocates up to 3MB using APP Memory Container on XMB Reduced memory usage / stack size of various threads FTP server now keeps memory allocated until session is closed (improves performance) Fixed various issues introduced in 1.46.xx & 1.47.00 Added SELECT & side menu to slaunch MOD i want a replacement Any user using wMM 1.46.xx or 1.47.00 should upgrade to 1.47.0 Downloads UP0001-PKGLAUNCH_00-0000000000000000.pkg 5.94 MBwebMAN_MOD_1.47.01_Updater.pkg 5.17 MBwebMAN_MOD_1.47.01_Updater_metalification_theme.pkg 5.45 MBwebMAN_MOD_1.47.01_Updater_rebugification_theme.pkg Source code (zip) Source (1) (2)
  8. The Floor Plans for E3 2017 Heres a pic from E3 2015 (for perspective) Source
  9. yeah, i realized i was wrong and edited it .. whats the problem
  10. 1. its a new build test or not 2. yes i did , Github has been added as the new source 3.i didnt copy it i downloaded the image then cropped then uploaded and i put a new download link 4. I think if any one need additional information they can click on the Source or google "WebMAN Mod" (new source is github) Additonal Notes: If you have any issues instead of making your criticism Public please dont hesitate to PM Me or Discord PM Me like @ConsoleHax
  11. Developer @aldostools has release webMAN MOD 1.47.00 heres What WebMAN Mod is Heres is the change-log idle_plugin.sprx is not longer generated by webMAN MOD. Use the updater to install it or copy it manually to /dev_hdd0/tmp/idle_plugin.sprx Plugin now allocates up to 3MB using APP Memory Container on XMB Reduced memory usage / stack size of various threads FTP server now keeps memory allocated until session is closed (improves performance) Fixed various issues introduced in 1.46.xx Added SELECT & side menu to slaunch MOD (Download Link for the 1.47 Updater Below) Source
  12. On PSN right now there having a Critics Choice Sale with discounts upto 60% Off an Ends on 2/28 at 8AM PT plus you get x3 the reward points if you have PlayStation Rewards (Also upto %70 Off for PS Plus owners) Here are just some of the Deals/Games (the deals below are for non-ps plus members) BATMAN: RETURN TO ARKHAM - $34.99 DARKEST DUNGEON (CROSSBUY) - $12.49 DEAR ESTHER: LANDMARK EDITION - $5.99 DESTINY – THE COLLECTION - $44.39 DESTINY – THE COLLECTION UPGRADE - $34.79 DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED - $29 DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED – DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION - $40.49 DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS – ULTIMATE EVIL EDITION - $29.39 DIRT RALLY - $29.99 DIRT RALLY PLUS PLAYSTATION VR BUNDLE - $43.39 DISHONORED 2 - $44.99 DOOM - $35.99 DOOM DIGITAL DELUXE - $59.99 DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION – GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION - $19.99 DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION DELUXE EDITION - $7.99 ENTER THE GUNGEON - $8.99 F1 2016 - $38.99 FALLOUT 4 - $35.99 FALLOUT 4 DIGITAL DELUXE BUNDLE -$65.99 FURI -$13.99 GUILTY GEAR XRD REVELATOR - $35.99 HOTLINE MIAMI 2: WRONG NUMBER (CROSSBUY) - $8.99 KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM - $23.99 LIFE IS STRANGE COMPLETE SEASON - $7.99 METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE DEFINITIVE EXPERIENCE - $29.99 MORTAL KOMBAT XL - $23.99 ODIN SPHERE LEIFTHRASIR - $35.99 OVERWATCH: ORIGINS EDITION - $53.99 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2017 - $35.99 REZ INFINITE (VR) - $22.49 RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER: 20 YEAR CELEBRATION - $35.99 ROCKET LEAGUE - $15.99 Source
  13. Idumpvitastuff on reddit released Hidden Applications for Vita 3.63, This enables sign Up for PSN, which lets you do account switching and it also enables the package installer Heres a Tutorial for the Developer 0. Download ★Hidden Applicatons (CreateBackup.zip) 1. Download VitaIMGTools for your OS 2. Obtain your CMA Key. Just enter your AID (the random letters and numbers where your CMA backups are stored.) and it will give you the key 3. put the PSVIMGTools in the same folder you extracted CreateBackup.zip 4. Run the BuildScript for your OS. either the win32 one of osx/linux depending on what you have 5. Paste/Enter your CMA Key and press enter 6. Copy the “HIDENAPPS” folder into your CMA Backups/APP Folder 7 Refresh CMA Database, and restore backup to your vita Source
  14. EA Has announced on there Official website they are doing a "Publisher Sale" on PSN then on Xbox later this month and it doesn't tell when it ends Here are some but not limited to the following discounted games Fifa 17 - 67% off Madden 17 - 67% off Battlefield 1 - 50% off titan fall 2 - 60% Off NHL 17 - 67% off UFC 2 - 60% Off Battlefront - 50% Off GW2 - 75% off BF4 - 75% Off Source See below for sales dates. Offers may vary or change. See the Sony website for details. DISCOUNT BASED ON PRICE EA’S RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE AS OF FEBRUARY 23, 2017. PRICES MAY CHANGE. SEE APPLICABLE DISCLOSURES ON http://www.ea.com/legal.
  15. the most common reason is When trying to play a game it gives them that error and they cannot launch any games