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  1. NTR CFW released for 3DS

    This is pretty awesome, even if you can't play back ups. This is still pretty cool.
  2. PlayStation Vue Says Screw You PlayStation TV

    70/Month. I get hookers cheaper than that. Given they aren't very good. But, They do a whole hell of a lot more than Vue does. Holy hell dude. That is ridiculous.
  3. Anyone have some vita games for sale?

    I have a few, I own a shop. I always have consoles and games in stock.
  4. Hello all

    Welcome buddy, I got the same pm's. This site is pretty chill, enjoy, The people here are really cool
  5. [RELEASE] RSoD Fix "PKG" for all CFWs!

    Nice, This should be useful Appreciate it buddy.
  6. Ferrox 4.70 noBD Edition Release

    No problem bud
  7. Converting is the BIGGEST pain in the ass. Installing the arcade mod takes about 15 minutes, it takes a little bit of editing. But nothing too bad.
  8. Ferrox 4.70 noBD Edition Release

    FEATURE: Including all features in standard version of Ferrox. CFW NoBd. Console can be installed on card with Logica Rotta. The Homebrew and games will work again. LOOK OUT: Installed either by XMB or Recovery. If you proceed by Recovery remove any CD from the PS3. After installation enter Recovery and rebuild the file system to prevent any malfunction. Games tested Gamesonic Manager 3.59.2 . Some games may require conversion to ISO. By installing this CFW Console player running, it will be NOT running. CFW installed a "Standard" and return to work. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!VREwFRhS!U_aWQFNhyL_BlOmA0oDKkLokXcgPRd42yM4g0OYJGmM MD5: 80E4F5C1830205013F80AA068AD24782 I have tested this, but, You can wait for others to test as well. I tested on CECHL01 Model, and it worked great, but this does NOT mean it is 100% Safe on every model. Use at your own risk!
  9. If you need any help, I can help you as much as needed and I don't need any special rank or anything lol. As for the upgrade, addons will not conflict with upgrading your ipb board. It is easy as 123. http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5955-if-ipb-shoutbox/Is a good shoutbox, and it will allow more than 5 members at a time. I believe you will have to edit the home template with 1 line of code in order to install it, but it is a copy and paste procedure. If I may suggest, I would direct people to playstationhax.xyz instead of the forums, because people would be able to see the latest updates on stuff. But, it is not necessary because they can see it from here, but it does make the page look a little cleaner. EDIT: Theme "Limited" Is exactly the type of theme I was trying to describe. You already have it installed
  10. @GregoryRasputin Here are some suggestions I have compiled. They not only will make the site look a little better (IMO) But will help with Google Page Rankings. 1. A Home Portal/ News Feed - This will greatly increase rankings of google for SEO because of the use of keywords upon a news update on a CFW, or any other tools. 2. A Darker Theme - Dark themes (Mainly Red/Black or Green/Black) attract a lot of people. I have ran many forums and have had success just by changing the color of the theme installed. 3. Get some Mods from IPB so members will have motivation to post. Whether it be a shop mod (They get points per post), Exp Mod (Get exp per post and level up), Credits mod (Can change username, or avatar, or title with enough points) Etc. 4. A Shoutbox for the frontpage I hope these are taken into consideration
  11. What is going on Fellas

    I figured this last night while I was reading yours and others comments on the thread "One day explosion", But I appreciate the warm welcome everyone
  12. What is going on Fellas

    I appreciate the welcome, Thank you
  13. Super slim help please

    Using PeXploit, you can put certain psn pkgs onto your OFW slim using a simple Backup exploit. The list is limited to around 100-150 games but hey, thats more choices than you have right now lol.
  14. What is going on Fellas

    BlueKush here, I am a smoker, and I am a gamer. I am an advertiser, and I am a marketer. I found out about this site after being spammed in my inbox on Ps3hax, so I decided to check it out. Let me tell ya a little about me; I am an active person on the internet, Surfing it everyday. This site looks like it is growing and I would like to be apart of the growth. I specialize in marketing and SEO, I love to game and I love tinkering. I mess with things just to see what can be done, which is why I am where I am today. I am self taught with everything I know, which is why I am 22 years old and I run my own business and I am doing pretty well for myself. That being said, I am sorry for the long intro lol, but, Hello PlaystationHax
  15. Download: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/TBvjKMA7/file.html