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  1. I meant or said that thats all that has changed, nothing else.
  2. where is the logic of you? read the posts please, i said i was wrong.. no ftp client works..
  3. i am using default ftp settings i am using ethernet => ps3, it always worked before i dont know if this issues occured after i upgraded my internet speed, maybe its to ofast for my ps3 lol (i noticed the issue mainly after i upgraded my internet, could be random or might be that)
  4. Half of the people don't read the topic nor replies, if you don't bother reading. No need to reply. Update: I downloaded eboot from my dir then uploaded it again via FileZilla. This soft-bricked me running the Game. Possibly due corrupt eboot. I will try with Target Manager "FTP" or File Browser and see how that works. I noticed it happens, yes even with other FTP clients. I was wrong in previous post. Update 2: using target manager works, well that made my life easier (i dont need to use multiman file manager..) but still, this issue must be solved D:
  5. For you. Another case for certain other users No idea what's causing the FTP Issue though.
  6. Actually, updating. WinSCP Does also not work, must be some issue with FTP on 4.65 ? I have to use multiman to copy all files from usb to hdd, cant use ftp
  7. i already stated winscp works but its bad lol, this issue is a issue many have but think its their eboot
  8. ?? you dont make any sense
  9. Yeah. i said WinSCP Worked. It's issue with latest FileZilla issue.
  10. After upgrading my FileZilla, it has issues uploading files to PS3. Sometimes it repeatedly asks to overwrite a file even though i already deleted it. It gave me black screens loading eboots etc after uploading the eboots, using winscp solves it. Perhaps filezilla changed some protocol settings that the PS3 doesn't like or what could it be? I don't like WinSCP.
  11. DEBUG EBOOT's not working

    same shit happens, it only happens on my ps3 i can ftp my websites fine
  12. DEBUG EBOOT's not working

    yeah? no idea what i can do to fix the ftp issue
  13. DEBUG EBOOT's not working

    I used multiman as ftp, happen randomly really thats probaly why sometimes it worked.
  14. DEBUG EBOOT's not working

    Weird issue, it's something you normally wouldn't think of. It's not the EBOOT's fault at all, since the eboot was working fine. It's my FTP, that somehow corrupts the files (perhaps transfers x amount and cancells the rest) even though the size was exactly the same.
  15. DEBUG EBOOT's not working