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  1. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    i was the one that was worried. ....over my health. it went out of control, this happened about 2 years ago i think, recently i had a major fallback.... in the end i'm my own enemy...thinking,thinking and thinking. my stpry so far.
  2. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    still alive. at the moment i'm doing ok, but i had some ups and downs...mentally. when i loose even my sense of humor then you know something is really wrong. it feels great though that @GregoryRasputin haven't forgotten me.
  3. Members Please Change Passwords

    will change password.
  4. Lucif3r Sucks Ape Butt

    Lucif3r, "a match made in heaven"... ,just to let you know..., he's already banned to hell.
  5. Happy New Year Everyone!!

    happy newyear, 6,5 hour left till midnight overhere.
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    merry christmass to everyone on this forum, including my enemies
  7. Yo.

    i thought it was a well know secret, it is a member that is always on fire. j/k
  8. Yo.

    we already have a most hated person overhere. welcome to the forum anyway.
  9. Hello, Introducing myself

    i'm late as usual. welcome to the forum.
  10. New Theme

    it's not that i don't want to wear pants, but my giant penis won't fit in any size or model.
  11. New Theme

    and butnaked as usual
  12. Anyone Having Trouble Editing Their Post's ?

    with such a username you are just asking to get flamed
  13. PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

    i prefer the ps4, because i have one, but i hardly touch it, which is a shame because i never played the last of us. and don't forget about 'until dawn', but i only will buy games if it got a pricedrop.
  14. Which System Would You Choose - Forum Poll

    any console would be a waste to give to me.
  15. New baby time!!

    congratulations Bigbones. , i bet that you are a master in changing diapers. personally i'm glad that my sons can change their own diapers...lol, not that they wear them. , but i still know how it feels when you first see your baby. hope the wife is doing okay too after her c section.