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  1. PENDING GekiHEN Contest Approval ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Checkout this release from Dragen, its a simple Utility that runs on your Vita or Playstation TV, SystemCheckEnabled task is very simple as the homebrew will simply and effectively check to see if your system has been Activated. This is an important step to verify for the execution of the ePSP CFW (such as Adrenaline ) within the PSP Emu in Vita firmware. This release is a GekiHEN entry and currently pending approval. As a reminder the Homebrew Contest GekiHEN (details @ http://gekihen.xyz will be coming to a close in about a month, so be sure to get your entries submitted in time before the deadline to see how your work will stack up against the rest of the competitors. Also another great thing about these contest, even the smallest of contributions have the ability to spark some really cool things for a community. If you find yourself needing to activate your system? Here is a recently released application that will help you in activating your system without even needing PSN, ePSP Bubble Installer (v2.0) by celesteblue Source: This Thread If/When approved will appear on http:// www.GekiHEN.xyz
  2. All you have to do is step it up for it to be on the mainpages. Also if you wanted this to be in a PM you would of done it with post #2 . You just want it to go into PMs when your not getting anywhere and your not looking so well. Your doing good by informing, but your not doing well in regards of understanding why things cant be done and understanding it has to be a news article and not a news post.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 62/100 My Time 166 seconds  
  4. good thing is PSTVs are cheap . (usually deals someplace)
  5. Not sure he is one of the mods at my place. But yea i think marvin is correct. I did have remote play and henkaku but that was when latest vita firmware was 3.60.
  6. atreyu187 is a good person for PlayStation TV questions.
  7. Also notice none of these changes make it to the main page.
  8. Why edit your post to add that, added 2 minutes later Seems you did not learn from past mistakes. As you have done this type of thing before.
  9. I Just seen your edit to your post that you just added.. Well lets see do i make money off psx-place? HMMM well i think that answer is very easily to see. Should we put our common sense cap on? Not saying any of this is bad, but lets look Tell me how psx-place would make money considering the site does not carry a single ad right now (for the past 8 months) We do not take donations , We have ZERO income that comes into the site and we have not only Expenses but we also donate out of our pockets for various contest and giveaways.
  10. Instead of taking what we say, you make excuses and say well you quoted word for word (as if i did something wrong lol)
  11. Just think how much you could of done in the article, doing it right the first time and not having to reply to these post. Could of saved yourself some time and effort t the very start.
  12. Come up with your own title as well, your hurting this site by keeping it the same as my titles.
  13. Yes quotes and I add additional information such as the webMAN features (which you labled as all new features (i thought everyone knows everything about webMAN but yo failed to realize that THOSE WHERE features already within webMAN. the one i labeled as NEW would be the NEW feature
  14. Also, "These are the new features" lol
  15. If that is your thought you should not do anything with news. EVERYBODY DOES NOT KNOW . There is new users every day and there is causal users who need a refresher. Also a cut copy and paste with the same exact title your actually hurting this site then you would be helping it. Not really IMO, Still Cut Copy and past a majority of it (Features i added to My article was not of the release quote). Then with it being a CCP & same title (which is bad to do). Might want to just leave "Source" but the actual site name, .