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  1. Team PS3Xploit To Release Some Awesome PS3 Goodies

    No those models will still not be able to install a CFW (because they have metldr2), However this should be able to progress in a similair way that HENkaku did for the Vita. but for models that can install CFW/Downgrade but might be on an OFW higher then 3.55, a software downgrader will let those consoles to 3.55 for CFW install easily. but SuperSlim will have to wait but the outlook is bright. Bguerville gives a good rundown in the 2nd tab of the article (middle of the article you will see 3 tabs)
  2. Aldo's Tools Link

    http://www.psx-place.com/resources/ps3-tools-collection.594/ There is a false-postive on the collection, (due to the ContentID tool if i am not mistaken, which is used on a number of the tools). I used this collection personally for a long time and no issues personally. Aldo has always been a good person to me and can only say good things about my experiences with him. Always been very helpful. A link can get some browser's to flag a page. firefox was flagging some links to this collection but other pages with the link on the site would not (same link), So when i added it to the download section i just added a simple txt page.
  3. Wololo does alot of good, but he does have that business mentality and can't exclude MaxConole (garyOPA) in that mix as well, but yes i would agree that Wololo is the best out of the bunch and i do believe he does alot of good, but you can't deny he does some head scratching stuff. Nothing wrong with making money with your site having ads and even having that business approach. It takes alot of time and effort to run and operate a site as you well know and even those mentioned guys know. The problem is when the subject matter is manipulated for those reasons.. Its how tasteful it is but all that comes down to personal opinion which mine is no stronger then others. I think all those sites have some positives, and some have negatives and some more then others,
  4. Kind of a like how i called out Wololo's various questionable money making tactics as well. He blocked me on twitter also. They just do not want to see other sites rightfully calling them out. Looks bad for them.. They can't really defend themselves well as they know they are guilty of some wrong doings. I just see hackinformer / Wololo / psxhax as very similar forums, as they will goto great lengths to make a dime. They all 3 run their sites as profit first and the community is secondary. its funny to think that these guys who came from the community would have more ethics then the outside companies who bought up scene sites. Of all the scene sites out there are there 3 other sites that do more questionable things and tactics then these three sites?
  5. Wololo does alot right but he does some wrong and usually it comes with promotion and promoting false terms and usually when sites do this: Are the ones who are seeking "max" revenue from a site. Which if you look at wololo: Ads plastered everywhere, in thread/post Amazon links spammed all over the place. So then for those to succeed and make the most you have then create misleading and catchy titles to grab attention, Your normally would not be grabbing. I do not agree or condone this practic. if wololo wants to be considered a reliable and clean site. He needs to cut this type of shit out IMO. i am just one opinion, but i feel like he is abusing a scene to reap rewards at various times. We seen this in his site headers, (ps4 CFW, Vita CFW ect..) these things do not exists but obviously is an extra page click and certainly in the search results. Then we had the bad tutorial contest that was just user's stealing content (in most cases) that Wololo was well aware of and would even pay these guys anyway and WOULD never remove the tuts or add the REAL source of it. But then later promote it as news and some of these tuts were very outdated and no longer good advice but was being put out there knowing just that. He knew this because i know many of us made him fully aware of it.
  6. Happy Birthday flatz

    Happy Birthday
  7. How To Easily Kill Your Console

    LOL, i mean yea its obvious its going to short it out.. Maybe next see how long it operates underwater ? .
  8. @GregoryRasputin An entry seems to be missing
  9. CTurt Tweets about 1.76 to 4.06 update.

    No very different you can not compare this to something like HENkaku. HENkaku (vita) , 3.55 CFW (ps3), PSP (day 0 exploits). All had one thing in common. User had a extended period of time to choose a path. The only people who are on lower firmware is very minimal in comparison, people on 1.76 (not many) so they can update and a small portion of the regular followers of the scene are on a lower firmware. So you have even most of the regular homebrew enthusiasts not even on the firmware, then you know anyone on the outside more then likely is not. So it very different from Henkaku where many who were not in the scene(s) learned about the scene seeing the huge main stream news saying the device are hacked as an example.. and like henkaku there was several weeks before an update arose. So every device had a period it could be hacked. not quite the same story for 4.06 on the ps4 So there is a HUGE difference. and alot of people not having access and yes you can buy a new console, but many already bought a console and very few are willing to buy another. So talking apples and oranges to potential impact EDIT: BTW i personally never suggested for people to not update. As i do not think waiting for an exploit that will not be popular and used much is worth missing all the PS4 OFW features. the time will come when a user has a choice like all the other devices.The time is not here yet
  10. CTurt Tweets about 1.76 to 4.06 update.

    Kernel & webkit = 4.0x kernel = 4.50 (needs an entry point (i.e. webkit) )
  11. CTurt Tweets about 1.76 to 4.06 update.

    4.06 good for development, but for end user its same as 1.76 On a firmware not obtainable by many & for most would require a new console purchase (like 1.76) which you wont see. 4.06 will be a slightly bigger audience then 1.76, but not by much and it will be a very niche platform. So it will not attract alot of development or a userbase.
  12. Vote For Your Favourite #GekiHEN Homebrew - #HENkaku - Fixed

    That is a good point, will see what Gregory and the other sponsors think before any opinions are renders (not sure what he can do and not do to address it). I know Gregory has been very busy with some personal affairs and some of the details have not been shared . the missing details about the voting are as follows.: voting will work as follows: PlayStationHAX - poll is 20% of the overall vote. (Poll is Open) PSX-Place - poll is 20% of the overall vote. (Polll is Coming Soon) wololo - poll is 20% of the overall vote. (Poll is Coming Soon) CustomProtocol - poll is 20% of the overall vote. (Poll is Coming Soon) Sponsor Vote - Remaining 20% comprised of the contest sponsors. .
  13. Vote For Your Favourite #GekiHEN Homebrew - #HENkaku - Fixed

    An issue with the poll @GregoryRasputin Emulators & Ports are a single category: (i believe the extra $50 for utility & hack xomes from a private donation from a wololo member) I think the pool will be okay but we will have to manually merged the votes for Ports & Emu on this poll.
  14. Vote For Your Favourite #GekiHEN Homebrew - #HENkaku - Fixed

    We were going to release polls on all sites at the same time , but i guess now we are not.
  15. Rumors of TSI Bitches

    Almost answered the questions i wanted answered (maybe next year lol)