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  1. Almost answered the questions i wanted answered (maybe next year lol)
  2. Almost year later and i get a reply You have been part of the issues over at psxhax as well, lets be honest here. While PSXHAX (admin) needs most of the blame fro the site issues (as he makes the decisions), as he is the one who promotes these fakes with new status (dev/staff) and edits the news and decides to keep it up there even if he truly believes its not legit. but yourself was the one who promoted PSHUSH news (scam donation) to an audience suggesting it to be the next thing at the time, the " water to the seed" if you will and you made it grown. . . With no proof and many scene veterans and sites knew it was a fake right off the bat ESPECIALLY with a donation link and no Proof. Very bad judgement, which the worse part, i do not think you even think you did anything wrong to even learn from those mistakes. We know the site PSXHAX did not learn anything, as we seen the same thing in scams to follow and as recent as the 4.50 stuff.
  3. Its a good resource for mirrors, but just another mistake by an uploading site that i see repeated so much in this scene. INFORMATION, what good is it to provide a mirror (& data files) to some of these things if the information is not included how to use and setup? . While this is a great resource and no contribution such as this should be look bad upon, but its missing vital INFORMATION and if your providing a download and files without the information or a link to where information can be obtained it just falls short of potential and i see the same mistake repeated over and over with these mirror sites. vpkmirror was not even adding Data Files at first when they first started since they have. but sometimes these mirror sites offert a service, but cause more issues for user's at times also due to the lack of details.
  4. i'll take your word for it but usually before writing an article (should look there), it would of answered one of the questions/comments you had about the similar logs . PsSceneFiles need to respect the flow of dev-user communications things a bit better also (with more sources), instead of leaving dead-end info . Plus most "scene writers" (at most places) must realize that download sites are not sources of info, but rather Mirrors of files (aka secondary (via) sources) Good to mention, but the source does not stop there. edit: That is a bit obviously (at least with article/topic selections) even though you do not mention it often,
  5. Funny i just seen you were at psx-place , Where I would bet heavily is where you seen Aldostools post announcing this update: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/webman-mod-general-information-thread.9643/page-70#post-74460 via: Aldostools
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 101 seconds  
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 54/100 My Time 101 seconds  
  8. 1.) You changed it now to the official link, which is good, but originally you did not quite understand what i was saying here. You had the download from PlayStationScene Files. Not all v1.47.00 builds are the same. v1.47.00 has 11 commits (so it best to use an official link and not a mirrored link, mirrored links are goof but v1.46.02 (previous version) would be the one to mirror and then v1.47.00 you mirror when the next version is released. As these are always test builds. So I was saying it best to use official links for those reasons when there is so much movement (commits) on a version.. Also, i know just a couple days ago and he did not want it to go up as news, may of changed with his latest progress, but that was my point about those links. 2.) Not originally lol ,doing after you read it, and then saying "yes i did" id not you doing that 3.) lol, I'll let @GregoryRasputin decide if there is foul here on this one, personally i would not take some like a download button from another site (now with not even a mention, at least before they were mentioned.) 4.) You change things and then you try and act like you had it all along, new source is now github, but before you did not provide the proper links. or information for the user. That what news is, If do not write the information, you provide the links and you did either when i made my post. Additional Note: Is the news public? then my criticism is usually public Also, what am i going to tell you, stuff that you have already been told before.
  9. Why would you use PlayStationScene Files as the Source and also as the Download? 1.) 1.47.00 is a test build and there is many commits for that version, meaning not every v1.47.00 build is the same. So linking to a dedicated download that has an unknown commit is not the best especially with this update that is working in some new features and some regressions are being ironed out. This is why I held off on the update (aldostools request) 2.) You quote this: " webMAN MOD is an homebrew plugin with many features added on the original webMAN by Deank. We would like to integrate all existing features available on the PS3 Scene like a AIO plugin, and webMAN MOD was born. " why not add the important Github link, where that came from. 3.) Your download link does not work, might not be a good idea to take another site "Download this File" icon and paste it on another sites news for a mainpage. 4.) News is about providing information and you do not provide information in the news nor do you leave the proper links for the a user to obtain that info and that is the 1st thing someone should do with the news.
  10. PENDING GekiHEN Contest Approval ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Checkout this release from Dragen, its a simple Utility that runs on your Vita or Playstation TV, SystemCheckEnabled task is very simple as the homebrew will simply and effectively check to see if your system has been Activated. This is an important step to verify for the execution of the ePSP CFW (such as Adrenaline ) within the PSP Emu in Vita firmware. This release is a GekiHEN entry and currently pending approval. As a reminder the Homebrew Contest GekiHEN (details @ http://gekihen.xyz will be coming to a close in about a month, so be sure to get your entries submitted in time before the deadline to see how your work will stack up against the rest of the competitors. Also another great thing about these contest, even the smallest of contributions have the ability to spark some really cool things for a community. If you find yourself needing to activate your system? Here is a recently released application that will help you in activating your system without even needing PSN, ePSP Bubble Installer (v2.0) by celesteblue Source: This Thread If/When approved will appear on http:// www.GekiHEN.xyz
  11. All you have to do is step it up for it to be on the mainpages. Also if you wanted this to be in a PM you would of done it with post #2 . You just want it to go into PMs when your not getting anywhere and your not looking so well. Your doing good by informing, but your not doing well in regards of understanding why things cant be done and understanding it has to be a news article and not a news post.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 62/100 My Time 166 seconds  
  13. good thing is PSTVs are cheap . (usually deals someplace)
  14. Not sure he is one of the mods at my place. But yea i think marvin is correct. I did have remote play and henkaku but that was when latest vita firmware was 3.60.
  15. atreyu187 is a good person for PlayStation TV questions.