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  1. Aldo's Tools Link

    Thanks everyone for all the help Ill see what i can comeup with got into my github today
  2. Aldo's Tools Link

    Thanks ill keep everyone informed on my progress and how its going on another thread as i get time ill do this .... any news on ps4 tools we require ? ill be happy to work on those as well
  3. Aldo's Tools Link

    Thanks so much
  4. Aldo's Tools Link

    Well he butt hurt pulled hes tools last i can remember Haha. I wanted to do this project long ago and make the tools open source (need to figure out what my github password was) and then as i complete them ill upload them here as always . Thanks man good to be back missed you guys a lot . Lol prophet will be back eventually he loves me . I don't mind the badge to be honest . I know why im here xD
  5. Aldo's Tools Link

    Hi Guys Can someone link me the latest copy of Aldo's tools that was on his servers before he pulled out from the scene ? Kind Regards xDPx P.S. What tool would everyone like to see first @cfwprophet @Lucif3r @GregoryRasputin
  6. [music of the day]

  7. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    i wasnt here for a while .... not gonna lie life catches up way to fast before you wipe your eyes your stuck in a cycle and cant seem to get out of it ..... i checked the forum a while ago but it was no longer avaialble so i tought the site got canned or something it was sad to think that i would never be able to see @Mr.Dutch's funny comments or even @Lucif3r giving me some shit about my crappy grammer and shitty spelling. most of all i would miss the one place i have learned to call home thanks for everything all of you especially @GregoryRasputin
  8. have a look at this https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/336xbhcz.aspx
  9. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    i would also like a look at the param.sfo's
  10. Hack The PS4 - Status for End Users

    i died xD but i am alive again had a bit of a vacation ill get my rig setup again ill see everyone soon on irc
  11. Hykem is logging out... - A Letter From Hykem

    goodbye to a great dev happy coding for the future
  12. Hack The PS4 - Status for End Users

    to be technically honest i haven't heard a word from anyone in over a 3 months so its not like we have each other on speed dial or anything xD
  13. need help getting idps from superslim 12gb

    Dump it with an e3 flasher and read the bytes in HxD
  14. Sony Reaches Settlement In OtherOS Case

    @xxmcvapourxx to be honest i'm not even surprised
  15. bearded Lady (aka Gregoryrasputin)

    R.I.P. Cr0w