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  1. i wasnt here for a while .... not gonna lie life catches up way to fast before you wipe your eyes your stuck in a cycle and cant seem to get out of it ..... i checked the forum a while ago but it was no longer avaialble so i tought the site got canned or something it was sad to think that i would never be able to see @Mr.Dutch's funny comments or even @Lucif3r giving me some shit about my crappy grammer and shitty spelling. most of all i would miss the one place i have learned to call home thanks for everything all of you especially @GregoryRasputin
  2. have a look at this https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/336xbhcz.aspx
  3. i would also like a look at the param.sfo's
  4. i died xD but i am alive again had a bit of a vacation ill get my rig setup again ill see everyone soon on irc
  5. goodbye to a great dev happy coding for the future
  6. to be technically honest i haven't heard a word from anyone in over a 3 months so its not like we have each other on speed dial or anything xD
  7. Dump it with an e3 flasher and read the bytes in HxD
  8. @xxmcvapourxx to be honest i'm not even surprised
  9. R.I.P. Cr0w
  10. Seems like netcode to me tbh ...
  11. Happy birthday you old fart thanks for giving us a home where we can all work together towards something great
  12. Still wairing on the splinter cell movie ....
  13. ps3 also had the proxy trick to replace the update.xml with a local one tricking the system into thinking you had a higher firmware dont know about ps4
  14. to be honest i have no idea this one i made just for some ideas for slimshady just to keep things from being so unfriendly as possible
  15. well i can't seem to get a turorial for you and i can;'t make one yet still waiting for a ps4 anyway on skfu on the post it does say The Web Server now provides a way to redirect requests to local files without the need for Apache or similar. The DNS Server and it's functions greatly improve the possibilities you have. The XBOX ONE for example does not support proxy servers - use the DNS Server to redirect requests! so redirecting the request should be fine using the DNS server