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  1. Rebug 4.80.1 Released - 5th May 2016

    I'm so confused I haven't touched this shit in ages I'm coming from 4.55 rog v1.00 lol will this fuck me up going from that to this? whew shit just saw that date I'm a necromancer now lol
  2. PS4 Jailbreak Status and Updates | April 2017

    I've been out of the scene for so long I don't even no any of the names you mentioned lmao
  3. Sleeping Dogs Movie

    They didn't even make a sequel to the game though, I enjoyed the game a lot but if they didn't even think it was a success as a game why try the movie route which I will go and see it when it comes out but ionno if it'll be a commercial success.
  4. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    Lmao randomness one thing i wasn't doing back then that i do now is drink . . .i regret waiting so long its great
  5. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    Were all so much older now, think im gonna cry Well least we all got to see final fantasy xv lmao
  6. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    Now we look to the future let's bring in another 6-7 years of fun/insane randomness, I hope some of those older members post as well if not I hope they are having nothing but positive experiences, now off I go to play tides of numenera ill also be in the chat, talk to ya in a bit greg.
  7. Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    Lmao I saw the email, although I follow you on twitter so I never really am out of contact(@2voices1mind). it's been awhile man(gets glasses to type long or short rambling) So going by my join date on that site we shall not name I was 18? I feel like I was around earlier than that just still lurking, I'm 26 now graduated uni not to long ago, got a few back problems from overdoing it in the gym hopefully it all heals since I'm not super old. I do need to come around more often; hell I need to update my console I'm still rocking a ps3(ps4 is just now starting to interest me plus when it comes out your own pockets you learn to wait.) You remember when the cfw first came out the whole scene was going nuts and all I could say was "who the hell are you guys" due to the influx of new users. Remember when geohotz first came through and he was supposedly the hero(I recall some guys before him making a long video on how to break the ps3 but they never quite took off with the fame like geohots) I also remember the dongles asking for a fee to play games, if I recall weren't you against those kind of things? I can't remember it's been years, any-who you still into dynasty warriors at all? I could go on and on but I woke up not to long ago so I'm still getting my bearings LONG LIVE PLAYSTATIONHAX P.S. I'm sure you guys have a chat (happens to look up and see button clearly labeled chat) okay see you guys in there
  8. Happy birthday Bigboss!

    Am I to lates to say the happy birthdays to big boss, Seriously hope your having a great day sir
  9. Well I've made the move

    O.o hmm no idea myself still wont be going back lmao
  10. PS4 CFW/jailbreak discussion

    The older you get the less time you have to worry about things, I often find I forget about things and when I go to check on them it's already happened. basically put it to the back of your mind and wait months at a time eventually something will happen.
  11. Well I've made the move

    Thanks all yeah I keep a low profile I don't post often unless I have something to add to the conversation
  12. Well I've made the move

    Lmao it feels good to be back I missed you guys, I missed the real scene.
  13. It's been ages since I've logged into "that site" I happened to see greg on n4g and decided to check out "that site" to see he had been banned. I then proceeded to check for more older members to see they had been banned, I then did a little researching to see what was going on and it got me here. Anyways glad to see old and new faces