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  1. Thanks a lot guys, This year I didn't do anything crazy, school has me booked. Miss the good ole days were I'd get drunk and hop on IRC and make a fool of myself lol. Once again thanks for all the happy wishes
  2. LOL a lot of old peeps here and on that list. Speaking of which, I missed VIRGIN too. I don't know what happened with TLDK either.... Iuno, but I mean life is a real thing and people have their own things to do these days I guess. I personally have school but really I think I am just not around because it doesn't cross my mind.
  3. Crappy Src (VB.NET) : http://pastebin.com/XEaxxQGa
  4. So thats what naehrwert was doing all this time..... hmmm lol.
  5. Tickle my butthole a little faster please.... oh yeah... thats right.... uhmmmmm thats nice....
  6. Make sure to backup anything before hand. You can also use the system storage backup and restore functionalities within the XMB settings category. Other than that it is as straightforward as everyone says.
  7. For me I don't find developing on OSX appealing. I mean much more people use windows and so for developers I feel that there is a higher chance their work will be used if developed for the right platform (of course pointless if its cross platform). I personally consider OSX devs having a kind of different mindset when they make apps and that being I don't think they think about how many people potentially use it. I think they make the apps they do because they think its something that is needed on that particular platform and work to provide a solution. With that said I don't like all this platform fragmentation. I know choice is good but in certain cases I believe that there exists a singular best option and that should be adopted, Like instead of software running on windows or OSX or linux etc, I would much rather see that software is reliant on the hardware compatibility and capabilities instead of what operating system it runs on. In the future I wish there to be such a system which unites the fragmented problem solvers that are software developers. Finally I'd like to say OSX is an idea I play with from time to time but more like "hey I wonder how well my computer can run it" kind of project and not a "I'm going to install OSX to use as a daily OS". I mainly work on windows and the point I just made is one of the reasons I do. I have worked on linux before but the experience (which I hope will change one day) is nothing like it is on windows. I do wish windows has some of the features OSX and linux has though like being a real time OS etc. That would make developers' lives easier (especially for time precision apps) and contribute to the progress towards a singular best option. PS: I know some if not many will not share my views but that is okay
  8. Happy Birthday NeoSabin, you should meet up with Greg so he can give you the lovin of a lifetime (I don't think it'll be just cake)....
  9. Well there we have it lol, problem solved (or not really lol).
  10. I believe @zecoxao might be able to give you more info on this but from what I've seen one way is to intercept the read and writing of syscon and extract the read commands. Though I've been told that that only gives a partial dump as well. Though I figure if you use multiple methods you can obtain a more complete dump though as to whether you can get the dump in its entirely is beyond me.
  11. Well at least its not in plaintext lol. (I'm assuming that is hash:salt) but yeah.... now I have to try and remember all the other places that I used that password ....
  12. Which is what I have been telling people for a while now but everyone just tells me that it would be reinventing the wheel (@BobbyBlunt).... which I personally don't think the analogy applied because if it did we would never strive for bigger and better things, we would make one thing that works and just use that indefinitely.
  13. How do you feel about full on remakes compared to remasters? I also feel that for exclusives PlayStation has always had better titles. Xbox on the other hand for me has always felt like the in between of hardcore gaming and casual (but that is probably because of my bias).
  14. Oh this is something I have very much been looking forward to, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on my cheapo smart phone lol. After pressing "Sign into PSN" all I get is a white screen. Looks like some more work needs to be done.
  15. Nintendo screwed over Sony.... Sony screws with Nintendo.... its how it rolls lol