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  1. HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY @GregoryRasputin !!!!!!!!!!!!! You remember everyone else on their birthday. Do you really think you would we forget yours?
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  3. yeah he messaged me already saying to let you have it
  4. I can get you a link, or you can have this one. Just pay the shipping
  5. You can have it if you want. I have been looking for someone to give it to for a while now. No one I know has a NES or Famicom classic. Do you live in the states? If so PM me your address
  6. Sorry I didn't realize anyone had replied. I contacted Brook a while back about some samples for review. They sent me a PS4+ fightboard for my stick, the Brook Sniper (mouse and keyboard converter for consoles) and a nincade. The Nincade is a neat little device that lets you use bluetooth controllers such as the dualshock 4 on the NES classic. It does require opening the the NES classic to install it, but it is solderless and the nstall looks pretty easy. The reason I ask is because I would be willing to give it to a community member. Only thing I ask is make a post on how you feel about it. I do not have a NES classic, and it doesn't look like I will ever own one because of the discontinuation and price hike. I wanted to keep it in the community. If you feel uncomfortable with the install I would be willing to do that as well, but you should be fine
  7. The feature I have been wanting the most is finally here.... PS1 Support \o/
  8. People really shouldn't make retail releases of shit like this. There is no good that can come from these other than buying them to intentionally damage other people's property. I have seen these things used on all types of devices. Some survive, and other devices die. As @Lucif3r said above this should do nothing more than pop the fuse on the USB bus, but most devices are so poorly designed that your device dies. I have seen macbooks, consoles, and almost every single phone die to this thing. There are some phones that survived. Yes I understand that making one of these at home is actually fairly simple but I would love to slap the fuck out of the person that thought "hey let's sell these at a profit and watch the chaos while we laugh and count our money." There are some pretty evil tools on the market that do have a legitimate use like penetraition testing tools, and password crackers, etc. This thing? This thing was designed to kill shit... nothing more, nothing less. Some people just want to see the world burn
  9. Yes PSN still works on PS3, but some games are starting to shut down their servers
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 71/100 My Time 71 seconds  
  11. Lately I have been trying to think of other uses for my youtube channel. It is a nice side hobby to have since I do have an audience which I never thought would happen. I remember a long time ago during our ps3hax days that @GregoryRasputindid a product review for the original cronusmax. There are two things I love and that is electronics (tinkering, modding, playing, etc.) and fighting games. I reached out to a company called Brook to see if they would be willing to send me some samples in exchange for an honest review for our community. They agreed. Brook makes controller converters, fightstick PCBs, and other cool gaming electronics. They have USB plug and play converters that allow 3box360/One to PS3/4 and vice versa. They have convereters for the wii u. Most of these converters also have bluetooth so you can use your favorite controller on your console of choice over wireless. They sent me 3 products to review. The first one I am doing a review of is the PS3/4 Fightboard with audio. This is a fightstick PCB. Fightsticks can be very expensive. Some games allow the use of PS3 fightsticks on the PS4, but you are stuck in legacy mode with an 8 minute timeout. After 8 minutes you have to power cycle that peripheral. That can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a match. With this PCB, (and their converters) the 8 minutes timeout is gone. Your devices is read as a native PS3/4/PC fightstick depending on what you are playing on. My fightstick stock This was originally a PS3 stick. I love my stick. It had the LEDs stock and I can easily change that art (actually waiting on a new print ) With the work I have on the internals this controller is kind of expensive. Why should I have to spend $100-$300 on a new stick? Well I don't have to spend that much. The Fightboard with sound This is the replacement PCB they sent me. It is a little longer than a credit card. It has support for a 20 pin header (stock on newer premium fightsticks) as well as screw terminals for solderless installation of your buttons and stick. This board also comes with a daughter board for USB and the 3.5mm jack. Now I do not have a problem with this board. There are covers you could put over it and it would really nice on some cases. I chose to keep my USB port as mine was designed to be an actual port on my stick. They included the cable so I could do that. The board itself has a very visible pinout on each point so soldering to an existing USB assembly was easy. My Install: Excuse the wire mess. That is 32 wires coming off the buttons alone. A nice wire harness will make that look much nicer (making that this weekend) As you can see I kept that daughter board as mentioned above. I plan on using a small aux cable, hiding that small board and the aux cable inside the side panel, drilling a small hole on the bottom of the left panel, and gluing that aux port in the hole so it will sit flush with the case and look professional. My install was much harder than most people's install will be. Like I said above, I wanted to keep my stock USB port, and I wanted to keep my lights and the light switch working. In many cases this board will install without the need for soldering for most people. So How well does it work? I love this thing Before I had a ps3 stick with direct input. The main systems I play on now recognize this stick as a native peripheral. No 8 minute timeout on the ps4, chat works on the ps4, ps3 works grea, and it is x-input on pc so playing games like Killer Instinct is not a problem. The board detects what it is plugged into an just works. With the old PCB I had a slight input delay I was never really aware of. After installing this I noticed that doign combos in Ultra Street Fighter 4 was much easier. I was able to hit my links much easier. That game can be very tight on timing (within 1 frame) So not only does this give me what I need for PS4 and PS3, but it is also perfect for my PC. No more input mappers, less input delay, and not hard to install. For anyone that has a fightstick that they would like to work on the PS4, I do highly recommend this as this is a great fightstick PCB, and it sure beats taking apart padhacking a dualshock 4 (google that nightmare, and even then you still don't have x-input) There are many features my video was able to show off. There is the ability to setup turbo, hook a ps4 touchpad up, emulate the ps4 touchpad with a button and stick movement as well as add a switch to switch between d-pad, and the right and left analog sticks. My stick was fairly basic, but this PCB includes the needed features if you are upgrading a current gen stick (it is nice having X-input on a ps4 stick without using an input mapper, or software. Even many of the Premium PS4 sticks did not have native x-input for the longest time which made playing Killer Instinct, or Street Fighter 5 season 1 more difficult than it needed to be) I would like to thank the people at Brook for sending me some samples. I feel as though these are relevant in our community since we cover gaming and modding. Sony has been known to put out updates that blocks certain USB devices. I know with their products if Sony does attempt to block them, they always have a firmware out within 24 hours (usually within the first 12) This board is completely tournament legal, and their converters are also tournament legal. The cronusmax that Greg had reviewed years before is not tournament legal and has been known to damage USB ports I also did a video review: Brook has sent me a total of 3 products to do an honest review on. This is the first of the 3 products. The next one is called the Sniper. It is a mouse and keyboard converter for consoles. It also happens to be a controller/fightstick converter. It works on XBox360/One and PS3/4. I am workign on editing the footage and will do a review on that soon. The third product I have may require some community help, but I will explain more on that soon. Thank you guys for reading and watching. This is my first ever product review. I like to thank Brook for being kind enough to send some samples. All they wanted in exchange was a review, and spread the word a little. These opinions in this review are mine, and mine alone. This review is not affiliated with PlaystationHax. This review was not paid for. Again they were kind enough to send samples just so I could review them for our community.
  12. VPKmirror started off doing this then it just sort of died. It no longer gets updated. Glad to see there are alternatives
  13. I am looking for a member of this community that has a NES or Famicom classic. If you have one please contact me. I will explain more after I see if someone owns one. I would just buy one for what I need, but they are still hard to find, and I am not paying $150 for 30 games and an emulator
  14. I do package one of those controllers with each bundle. I haven't done extensive stress testing but so far they seem to be working ok. I keep the insides of the cartridges as I can always put them in an empty shell later on and just print a new label. I could buy empty cartridges, but I just went to my local game store and grabbed a few cheap $2 cartridges. I grab duck hunt whenever I can find it because that game actually has the famicom to NES converter built inside the cartridge Once I get a better printer I will start doing custom labels. They do not take long to assemble and they didn't require many tools. I think I spent more time configuring the software the way I want it than I did assembling them. A razor blade, a pair of pliers, a dremel (I could have done it without the dremel, but it made life easy) and the screwdriver for game cartridge security bits.
  15. yup. Legion is one of the most powerful mutants in the marvel universe. He is up there with professor X and phoenix