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  1. VPKmirror started off doing this then it just sort of died. It no longer gets updated. Glad to see there are alternatives
  2. I am looking for a member of this community that has a NES or Famicom classic. If you have one please contact me. I will explain more after I see if someone owns one. I would just buy one for what I need, but they are still hard to find, and I am not paying $150 for 30 games and an emulator
  3. I do package one of those controllers with each bundle. I haven't done extensive stress testing but so far they seem to be working ok. I keep the insides of the cartridges as I can always put them in an empty shell later on and just print a new label. I could buy empty cartridges, but I just went to my local game store and grabbed a few cheap $2 cartridges. I grab duck hunt whenever I can find it because that game actually has the famicom to NES converter built inside the cartridge Once I get a better printer I will start doing custom labels. They do not take long to assemble and they didn't require many tools. I think I spent more time configuring the software the way I want it than I did assembling them. A razor blade, a pair of pliers, a dremel (I could have done it without the dremel, but it made life easy) and the screwdriver for game cartridge security bits.
  4. yup. Legion is one of the most powerful mutants in the marvel universe. He is up there with professor X and phoenix
  5. I have been noticing a lot of sellers of raspberry pi carts on social media. I have a problem with most of these sellers because they are selling at an extremely inflated price, and basically charging for roms. I liked the idea of using a raspberry pi zero, but I wanted something with a bit more power under the hood. Not only are the carts I am selling more powerful, but I am charging half the price in many cases (I do not load with illegal content, and I am sure as fuck not charging for roms like some of these crooked ass sellers.) This is not a sale thread. I do not plan on using this site as a way of advertising/selling these but I did want to show off my work. Instead of using a raspberry pi zero I went with an android tv stick instead. Going with an android TV stick did make it a little more difficult to fit everything inside of the cartridge. To keep everything flush with the end of the cartridge I had to use HDMI male instead. In the next picture don't mind how it looks lopsided as I hadn't yet closed the cartridge [ Now I like the raspberry pi zero and I like retro pi, but with these I have a quad core, 2 gig of ram, a full kodi install, and some games run a little better (N64, PS1)
  6. I started watching it about a week ago. Only watched 3 episodes so far. The thing is most people do not know this is a X-Men Spinoff. Legion is actually the son of Charles Xavier https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_(Marvel_Comics)
  7. True 4k gaming..... yet it still takes a beast PC to get true 4k gaming. They did mention that only first party titles would have to be 4k. Now I am seeing shit about it is able to capture 4k 60 FPS footage.... now I call bullshit. So this thing can render 4k and also capture 4k 60FPS.... LMFAO. At this rate we are looking at one expensive ass console for a niche market. This will be worse than launch PS3s as far as the price point is concerned
  8. I have been wanting to start covering wii u tutorials for a while. I have been waiting on a new gamepad motherboard and it finally arrived. It only took 2 damn months (thanks China) This tutorial covers installing a wii u CFW to your system nand, having it autoboot, as well as installing the hombrew launcher to your system menu (so you no longer have to use the web exploit) There are other methods such as rednand and mocha, but this is the easiest method. Mocha has its purpose, but for the average end user this method is good enough Prerequisites: 1:) A wii u on System software version 5.5.1 (this is the current version and I doubt we will see anymore updates to the system from Nintendo since the switch is out and the wii u is dead 2.) SD Card (I recommend at least a 16 gig SD card) 3.) A LEGIT (NOT PIRATED) DS Virtual console game from the eshop. It will be used as a sacrifice Cheapest one I found on the US eshop was Brain Age. I am told it is free for people that had their account before June of 2014 but I cannot confirm this. Any legitimate DS game will do but you will not be able to play it. INSTALL THIS TO SYSTEM MEMORY!!!! DO NOT INSTALL TO USB!!!! DO NOT MOVE IT TO USB STORAGE!!!! As usual I put together a starter pack for you of the things you will: https://mega.nz/#!lQJj2DAQ!D-4lXpYUFoYvmFo2ERJxvO4of1Ejs8O1dC1kOEvuD58 Now this tutorial is in video format. It is not hard to do but a rough written copy is included under this video 1.)Buy and download a DS virtual console game (NO YOU CAN'T JUST PIRATE ONE YOU CHEAP BASTARDS) Buy a game you have no interest in playing, because you will not be able to play it. Do not try to download and install a pirated copy of this game after you use it for the CFW install as you will overwrite your original and brick 2.)Create a new folder, name it "Hax" (or whatever really), and move your virtual console game into that folder. This game will be a sacrifice to the wii u modding gods 3.) (OPTIONAL) Go into connection settings and set your DNS to This will block any future updates, but also blocks the eshop. In my video I didn't bother because I doubt we will ever see another update for it from Nintendo 4.) Download my starter pack linked above. 5.) Extract the starter pack using an archive manager, move the contents to the root of your SD card, reinsert the SD card into the wii u 6.) got to loadiine.ovh, highlight hombrew launcher, and press select (you should now boot into the homebrew launcher. If it hangs power down your wii u, and try this step again 7.) From the homebrew launch choose haxchi and follow the instructions. Once successfully installed you should be returned to the home menu 8.) From the home menu click the newly created haxchi install. It will be located where you placed your original DS game. This will take you back to the homebrew launcher. 9.) Once in HBL, you want to choose CBHC installer. Follow the on screen instructions 10.) Once installed power down your system. 11.) Power it back on and you will now see the new CHBC menu. Go down to autoboot, and press a to change it from disabled to System menu. Once that is done go back and choose boot system menu. 12.) You will now be at the system menu with autoboot enabled. 13.) You want to run the web exploit one more time to get back to the homebrew launcher. Go to loadiine.ovh, select homebrew launcher, and press select. 14.) From here you want to load WUP installer 15.) From inside WUPinstaller you should see it says install/HBL. You want to press right so that there is a star beside it. Once there is a star you want to press a to install. Just follow the on screen instructions 16.) You should now have HBL as an item on your system menu. Enjoy your signature patched, region patched Wii U CFW with no need to use the web exploit again. There is some other information. DO NOT EVER DELETE THAT DS GAME EVER!!!! DO NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT YOU USED TO BUY THAT GAME!!! Your machine will be bricked if you do. There is a way to revert to stock so you can safely delete it. Information on CHBC: https://gbatemp.net/threads/cbhc-v1-6-coldboot-haxchi-cfw.452615/
  9. Not right now. It really isn't worth the upgrade yet. Let them iron out the launch bugs. Wii U version of BotW is fine and the wii u is moddable, while the switch isn't right now. A few games you will be seeing on the switch are currently available on wii u
  10. Today is the release of the Nintendo Switch. Today is also the day we see the wii u officially die. With the release of Breath of the Wild we are seeing the last wii u title. The wii u can be considered a failure, but there are still reasons to consider getting one. Both wii mode and wii u mode are now open. We are able to run a library of wii homebrew as well as homebrew made specifically for the wii u. On open platform is always a good thing, and since it is now dead and buried, we can assume Nintendo is not going to update the system or try and stop us (they gave up a while ago) With a modded wii mode you have access to many emulators, wii backup loaders, as well as the ability to play gamecube games. With a modded wii u menu you also have access to homebrew, emulators, wii u backups, and modded games that were never available on the market (such as Newer Super Mario U) So what does this mean for us? It means that the wii u is a system capable of playing any nintendo game with the exception of switch and 3ds games. A lot of the games you are going to see on the switch over the course of the next few months are going to be re-releases of wii u titles (such as Breath of the wild and Mario Kart 8) Even if the switch does get modded (and the modders are all over it already) I doubt we will ever see stable gamecube support as current arm builds of dolphin are a bit slow. The system does have a few gems even though the library isn't great, and third party support was horrible Price could be a problem (for now), but with the system being on it's deathbed, we can assume the system will also fall significantly in price. Personally I prefer one system in my entertainment stand opposed to 5 with a few handhelds thrown in the mix Nintendo may think the wii u is dead, but to me there is still plenty of life left as far as communities like ours are concerned. I have seen some amazing work by the community such as making the gamecube adapter work outside of Smash, modified games, features added that were neglected by Nintendo themselves. Nintendo themselves has done a shit job with their virtual console, and I doubt the switch will improve upon those terrible practices If you can find one cheap I would grab one. I like to consider it Nintendo's version of the dreamcast.
  11. I was wondering why I had 2 of them error out on me
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 13 seconds  
  13. when I tried taking it the sire gave me an error
  14. With GekiHEN coming to a close soon I thought it might be a good idea to go back and update some of my Henkaku tutorials A lot of my tutorials are older and I was covering most of Henkaku when it was new. Some of the information is outdated and I wanted to do a recap on some of the stuff I covered previously. In the following Video tutorial you can see how to install Henkaku, allow unsafe homebrew, install vita shell, install offline installer, and install adrenaline for ePSP homebrew (without a PSP game.) I covered what I consider the essentials. All the needed files can be found in the youtube description as well as at the bottom of this post. Remember the the GekiHEN contest will be closing in a couple of weeks. If you are a developer get your entries in now. If you just like to play make sure to check out the contest. There is a lot of great Vita homebrew that has been entered: http://gekihen.customprotocol.com/ Henkaku and Adrenaline starter pack: https://mega.nz/#!5NxSyBTL!vkt8aPQB2deY5SIcw6phh4bH4NlYddSyWjlbzZjDeQw WinSCP: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php
  15. Yeah my nick was actually dropped for a while because of me not being on. It was just weird seeing Kamel not kciked/dropped but he may have his authentication and load script server side. I have mine client side. Like I said, it is all good. Thanks for looking into it. If I was around more I wouldn't have to worry about it, so it is really no one's fault but my own