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  1. Transparency Regarding Article Removal

    I am pretty sure just about every single one of us lives in a country that protects freedom of the press. We could fall under Press since we post news about a certain set of topics. As long as we are not hosting anything we are fine... might be time to show Sony they can't bully people and shit on protected freedoms simply because they don't like what gets posted. I noticed wololo got a DMCA notice as well over a similar article. Can't talk about things Sony doesn't like? Sony can suck on the bottom of my balls. I am pretty sure I can post or say whatever the fuck I want and as long s it doesn't have anything illegal attached there isn't a damn thing they can do. Makes me wonder why they dont even want us talking about the SDK...... now I am curious
  2. Can't spell and cries to Sony..... it is spelled "traitor" you stupid non spelling crybaby fuck
  3. SNES Classic Release Sept. 29th

    @Bigbones87 Many of us seem to think the hardware will be almost identical to that of the NES classic. If that is the case the Nincade should also work on this as well. I guess we will know more closer to release date
  4. Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    I guess you missed the part about high brick chance and about it being considered highly unstable
  5. I tried to figure out how the Enso file is linked to not work on any other vita? I saw a post that was  taken down that said Yifanlu admits their is no security on the file that we can't bypass? Can i have the leaked Enso files for comparison of my legit Enso VPK please?

  6. Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    yup it is in the video. Going to give feedback. It works great here. Only issue I had was with adrenaline but I was running a much older build and after cleaning it up and reinstalling it, it worked fine, even with enso.
  7. Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    No yifanlu got kind of shitty with me when I asked why it needed a console ID. I understand why it needs one and his reasoning behind it, but a better answer than the one I got would have been nice. Anyway I did try the leaked build. I had an extra PSTV. It works well enough. I had to update adrenaline but it worked fine after doing so.
  8. Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    I believe there was a check against your CID to see if you were an approved tester. I tried the leak, it installed fine. Everything works as it should (I had to update adrenaline, but I needed to do that anyway) Now just because I said this does not mean I recommend anyone installing it. I had an extra PSTV. I would not have cared if it had bricked, but for me it installed fine. DO NOT INSTALL THIS. IT IS STILL HIGHLY UNSTABLE. WAIT FOR THE STABLE RELEASE... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED Everyone is mad at silica yet he wasn't the original leaker. He leaked the leak. Someone should probably be concerned about who leaked it first
  9. Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    People were told the brick risk was high.... fuck it let's install it anyway and then cry when we do brick
  10. Saban's Power Rangers

    Movie was terrible. I expected very little, and was still disappointed
  11. Happy Birthday BobbyBlunt

    I get a better present than that. Tekken 7 releases today. If that isn't destiny I dont know what is

    HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY @GregoryRasputin !!!!!!!!!!!!! You remember everyone else on their birthday. Do you really think you would we forget yours?
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  14. Does anyone have a NES or Famicom Classic?

    yeah he messaged me already saying to let you have it
  15. Does anyone have a NES or Famicom Classic?

    I can get you a link, or you can have this one. Just pay the shipping