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  1. when I tried taking it the sire gave me an error
  2. With GekiHEN coming to a close soon I thought it might be a good idea to go back and update some of my Henkaku tutorials A lot of my tutorials are older and I was covering most of Henkaku when it was new. Some of the information is outdated and I wanted to do a recap on some of the stuff I covered previously. In the following Video tutorial you can see how to install Henkaku, allow unsafe homebrew, install vita shell, install offline installer, and install adrenaline for ePSP homebrew (without a PSP game.) I covered what I consider the essentials. All the needed files can be found in the youtube description as well as at the bottom of this post. Remember the the GekiHEN contest will be closing in a couple of weeks. If you are a developer get your entries in now. If you just like to play make sure to check out the contest. There is a lot of great Vita homebrew that has been entered: http://gekihen.customprotocol.com/ Henkaku and Adrenaline starter pack: https://mega.nz/#!5NxSyBTL!vkt8aPQB2deY5SIcw6phh4bH4NlYddSyWjlbzZjDeQw WinSCP: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php
  3. Yeah my nick was actually dropped for a while because of me not being on. It was just weird seeing Kamel not kciked/dropped but he may have his authentication and load script server side. I have mine client side. Like I said, it is all good. Thanks for looking into it. If I was around more I wouldn't have to worry about it, so it is really no one's fault but my own
  4. I thought I was just being dropped but the thing is both Kamel and I use the same bouncer and he never drops. Its all good though. I will just check in a little more often
  5. Sorry about not being around much the last couple of months. I have been insanely busy with life. Also January is kind of a rough month for me. It is a very depressing month for me Anyway I am back and will try to be active once more. I would also like to get back into making youtube content. I have been streaming a lot more often but console modding has a special place in my heart even if this community can be toxic at times (not this site, but the scene in general) Anyway... I missed some of you guys. I am glad to be back I see @LightningMods is now a news editor. Congrats. You seem to be doing a good job. On a side note.... to the asshole that kept kicking me from the IRC while I was gone..... you are a fucking douchebag. Glad to see some people will never change
  6. It is a week for North America and only a weekend for Europe. It actually starts today
  7. Today's cheat devices don't offer shit. During the PS1 days I did have an action replay, but I used it for it's ability to run backups and imports. These cheating assholes these days are a special kind of scum. I would go as far to say that about 95% of people looking into cheat programs and/or devices want them to cheat online Call of Duty is not that hard of a game you fucking lames
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 68/100 My Time 152 seconds  
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 2 seconds  
  10. I would probably still use the post out QSB.
  11. Since i am pretty much done with the vita stuff on youtube I was thinking about doing wii u stuff next. I think a lot of people have forgotten that both wii u and vwii are exploitable now
  12. The homebrew channel is one of the most recognized names in the console modding community. It has been used by millions of people and has given us homebrew on both the Wii and the Wiiu via vWii. The wii is now 10 years old and the homebrew channel project has now made its way to the world of open source Taken from hackmii: "Last weekend was the 10-year anniversary of the Nintendo Wii. We thought we’d dust off the blog with a little birthday present: the source code for The Homebrew Channel. When we built HBC, we always wanted it to serve as a reference for what homebrew software should look like: good design, professional-looking, user friendly, stable, safe, and supporting features such as network connectivity. We hoped it would inspire other software to aspire to a similar level of quality. But we didn’t want it to become an instant base for quick hacks and mods and endless cheap variations, and we also didn’t think proliferation of installable “channels” on the Wii is a good idea: we still think it makes much more sense to have one entry point into the homebrew ecosystem, and then launch everything else from there (among other things, because it’s easy to brick a Wii by installing things into NAND). And, to be fair, the code is definitely not as pretty as what you get when running it. However, the plan was always to eventually open source it. Bushing, in particular, always championed for this. This release is dedicated to him. Keep in mind that, since this was never developed in public, you’ll probably find embarrassing things in the source code. We’ve kept it maintained over the various releases, and we’ve done some very minor cleanup to this release to bring it up to date with the latest version of the toolchain and remove “security” bits no longer relevant to an open source release, but other than that, what you see is what you get. This is the code that the millions of users of The Homebrew Channel are running on their consoles. Enjoy. As a bonus, this code includes the fix for vWii aspect ratio on Wii U. The Title ID has been changed, so you can install it without clobbering your official Homebrew Channel (though telling them apart in the menu might be tricky!)." While the wii may be old, and the wii u may be on its way out, the wii community still has a lot of life left in it. Out of all of my modded consoles I think I enjoy my modded wii u the most. Crazy that it has been 10 years since the original wii released and I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years brings to the modding community. You can find a link to the article on hackmii as well as a link to the git below https://hackmii.com/2016/11/the-open-homebrew-channel/ https://github.com/fail0verflow/hbc
  13. No this is not a release and has nothing to do with nintendo directly but I came across this really cool CGI fan made video for Majora's Mask. Nintendo likes to hit anyone using their property so there is a good possibility this video will disappear but I thought it was a cool tribute to one of the most underrated games in the Zelda franchise. Normally I do not post fan made video projects but this one was really good. Check it out in case Nintendo decides to have it taken down
  14. There is now an even easier way to do this. You still need a PSP game and the 661.pbp but if you are having problems with manually setting this up you can use the adrenaline installer. http://wololo.net/2016/11/22/adrenaline-easyinstaller-solve-adrenaline-installation-woes/ This will allow you to easily install adrenaline as well as the live area theme for adrenaline
  15. Not without the 3.63 token. PSN spoofing was easy before since it used the same token you just spoofed which version number was being sent. All this time with PSN and sony stops it now that adrenaline is out. Typical Sony. Good news is for those that have a handheld and a PS3 you should still be able to acquire a PSP demo/game/mini by transfering from the PS3 to the vita. This wont work for PSTV users but in all fairness everyone was warned we would lose PSN access and to go ahead and grab a PSP game weeks ago If you already have a PSP game make sure you back it up with QCMA.