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  1. [Released] OurLoader v0.1.0 - Wii U

    Yay! I'm in. Thank you for this!!!!
  2. Members Please Change Passwords

    Good looking out. Password changed and I appreciate the heads up
  3. Windows 95 Running On 3DS Via DosBox

    It is cool but Greg is right. It is running on an emulator on the N3ds. For the life of me I cannot think what Win 95 could really do for me personally. Very nice idea though.
  4. Windows 95 now runs on the 3DS

    Please delete. For some reason I didn't see it when I posted. Sorry.
  5. 3DS CCC Presentation 2015

    Fantastic! Very interesting. I would have liked to see a Q&A. I love the homebrew scene and remember Fail saying that there was no future in it. Honestly, I had forgotten about that because the scene really hasn't missed a step that I'm aware of. Thanks for posting!
  6. [Released] Cemu v1.2.0 - Wii U

    Man! This is pretty awesome. I'm going to run this tomorrow afternoon and check it out. Thanks for the update!
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Hykem On Wii U Hack

    So... It's definitely coming out tomorrow night right? Just kidding. Merry Christmas
  9. Napster Has Come To Wii U

    I didn't even know Napster was still around and subscription? What?
  10. This sounds very nice! Grabbing now. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.
  11. Hykem On Wii U Hack

    Excellent post! Good information. It answers my immediate question(s) anyway. Thanks again!
  12. Comment System Open On Both Front Pages

    Nice job! Looks great. I love progress! Thanks for giving this to us
  13. Hykem On Wii U Hack

    I have so much respect and admiration for those who are able to decipher and back engineer both software and hardware. It's amazing to me and then share their labor to allow others to learn and / or utilize their breakthroughs is a beautiful thing to do with their talent. I appreciate the gifts and my family have benefited from this community as well as the original Wii scene. I only wonder if anyone privy to the exploit has begun work on Homebrew? The Homebrew scene is and has always been my interest aside from learning. Does anyone know if there has been any Homebrew development?
  14. [Released] GYTB - Custom Badge Creator - 3DS

    Very nice! Badge arcade was an awesome idea until I found out my son was paying for turns at the crane. Very disappointed in Nintendo over that.Thank you for this upgrade!
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello friends. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate the holiday and have a great day to all who do not. Spend some time with your families, eat some tasty food and play some games