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  1. PSPROXY Custom XML Spoof any update

    Thx for the info dam well i tried
  2. Ok guys the new psproxy allows 3.50 ps4s to bypass the 3.55 thanks to Red-eyeX32, within these files theres a ps4-updatelist.xml file that can be open with notepad and we will see the following code <?xml version="1.0" ?> <update_data_list> <region id="us"> <force_update> <system level0_system_version="03.508.000" level1_system_version="03.508.000"/> </force_update> <system_pup label="3.50" sdk_version="03.508.001" version="03.508.000"> <update_data update_type="full"> <image size="299649024">http://dus01.ps4.update.playstation.net/update/ps4/image/2016_0405/sys_0aa1a7e346aaba18483a106f1a887a6f/PS4UPDATE.PUP?dest=us</image> </update_data> </system_pup> <recovery_pup type="default"> <system_pup label="3.50" sdk_version="03.508.001" version="03.508.000"/> <image size="878051840">http://dus01.ps4.update.playstation.net/update/ps4/image/2016_0405/rec_1c41826537584a850e0b1cdad1dede36/PS4UPDATE.PUP?dest=us</image> </recovery_pup> </region> </update_data_list> The proxy only works with 3.50 because of this xml code thats being spoofed but can be extended to more then 1 update has long as you have direct image links to those updates or create a localserver and have all the ps4 updates. showed here http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Ps4-updatelist.xml The main reason why 1.76 wont work is because the sony direct download link file was removed by sony, because its too old so eventually this 3.50 image size will also fail eventually. <image size="299649024">http://dus01.ps4.update.playstation.net/update/ps4/image/2016_0405/sys_0aa1a7e346aaba18483a106f1a887a6f/PS4UPDATE.PUP?dest=us</image> So i used the 1.76 mega link from http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/1.760.000 made the download link to a direct link using http://www.autogeneratelink.com/# and created my own direct links so the new 1.76 xml file will look like this <?xml version="1.0" ?> <update_data_list> <region id="us"> <force_update> <system level0_system_version="01.760.000" level1_system_version="01.760.000"/> </force_update> <system_pup label="1.76" sdk_version="01.760.000" version="01.760.000"> <update_data update_type="full"> <image size="193701376">http://fr-02.ashx.autogeneratelink.com/?file=mega_90660398c4</image> </update_data> </system_pup> <recovery_pup type="default"> <system_pup label="1.76" sdk_version="01.760.000" version="01.760.000"/> <image size="771464192">http://fr-02.ashx.autogeneratelink.com/?file=mega_9b1b030a77</image> </recovery_pup> </region> </update_data_list> Question is does it work? I didnt test this 1.76 xml spoof cause i dont have one but i did modify my own 3.50 spoof using a different direct link other than the sony dus01.ps4.update.playstation.net/update/ps4 and it works nicely Another good question is can we spoof the ps4 into thinking it needs a update using this nice little program direct linking to a mega upload customized ps4 pup CFW of course probably getting a little ahead of myself but you know what i mean. Thx Red-eyeX32 for this nice xml spoof Test at your own risk!
  3. [Released] PSPROXY - Bypass Software Updates - PS4

    cant download game updates or psn store games currently unless theres a different method
  4. [Released] PSPROXY - Bypass Software Updates - PS4

    does this work on 1.76 ps4s?
  5. We dont need sound, we need homebrew, what do i mean by that? I mean if we can get homebrew to run on ps4 we need a way to fish out keys, crash, dump, get information off the ps4 through BD-J, we had ps3 cfw simply cause someone released the keys or someone fished them out. the fact that we actually have a way to run homebrew use ftp, and use it as a fishing rod to get to the information we need to make are own updates is what we should be looking at. Forget actual homebrew we haven't made it yet. NOTE* unrelated i added a skfu ps4fwtool 1.00 to the downloads, unpacks/packs SLB2 format from ps4 pups
  6. pretty old im surprise no1 has done anything with it yet honestly
  7. PS4 FW 3.55 Just HAD to share..

    let the CFW begin
  8. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    Its kool, just leave the thread clean, for more news on qwerty or cturt, people got mad over the empty posts
  9. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    ... its not like i tagged myself
  10. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    Lmao, Ive told you guys many times before I mean how many times do i have to say that this is a idea, and in no way I said im a hacker, Developer, yes I put a iframe and the playground in it, of course it doesnt work, Ive repeated it in this whole entire thread IDEA NOT A HACKER EXPLAINING HOW HUNTER ADDED A IFRAME TO CRASH WEB BROWSER, lmao pretend? free? and what exactly is everyone else doing? wating for cturt, qwertyoriuo, Fx0day, etc etc to release a ps4 jailbreak? to get "free games" or any nice free "homebrew" we can mess around with? at this point your posts to flame me is pointless because most of my thread says I'M not a hacker this is a idea, I might as well put it at size 72 and put LED lights and fire bold letters.
  11. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    yup =P
  12. ... its like they said linux on ps4
  13. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    I found more info and thought you guys should see this and were qwertyiuo is headed with this iframe, we thought it was getting ps4 playground on 3.5 but it might be an actual jailbreak through qwertyiuo's code, its funny how everyone freaks out when the guy twits and you dont let him finish, trying to help the scene... its no wonder why people dont wanna release jailbreaks
  14. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    i havent tested anything but im on a roll here lmao (if it doesnt work, it obviously has to be more technical, or js have to change other then that i cant help you with) http://gdriv.es/ps4webcrash350 Edit: Just tested ftp server and it doesnt work but hey i tried something hopefully someone can pick up were i left off, im no hacker, all of this is just a idea of what qwertyoiup is going through. Of course code has to change. Is a iphone, itouch, tablet involved maybe. linking? sure who knows
  15. [Clean Up] 3.50 Working Webkit Exploit

    the link only shows the iframe not crashing, which is the boxes (heres a picture) http://www.psxhax.com/attachments/ps4-3-50-webkit-exploit-jpg.641/ To add code to this iframe you would have to edit "1.html" or change the src file, ill explain its simple web design but of course tricky Index.html <iframe src='1.html'></iframe> this code in index.html is targeting 1.html has the iframe if you want the iframe to link to a js change the src='(file name)' or edit the 1.html 1.html <html> <iframe src='2.html'></iframe> </html> Editing 1.html by simply adding additional information underneath <html> but of course you want to keep the <iframe src'2.html></iframe> in both the js change src or the editing of 1.html because it needs to close with 2.html 2.html <html> <script> window.parent.stop(); </script> </html> Keep the same end point is like closing a html code NOTE* this is all comming from the top of my head and what I think might work its simple web design assigning now, Im not a hacker nor do i know what im doing, I take point A and connect it with point B. If you wanna still try it and it does end up working I suggest using the FTP server or something out of the 1.76 ps4 playground that you think wont harm a 3.50 ps4 for testing, of course I used this simple code to explain what goes where but I suggest you use this one https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/commit/98845d940e30529098eea7e496af02e14301c704 To help people find what you need to use are the .htmls * fast/frames/crash-during-iframe-load-stop-expected.txt: (Dont need it) * fast/frames/crash-during-iframe-load-stop.html: (Rename to Index.html) * fast/frames/resources/crash-during-iframe-load-stop-inner.html * fast/frames/resources/crash-during-iframe-load-stop.html (Delete string for no crashing on ps4:<iframe src="data:text/html, <html></html>"></iframe>) I deleted that string cause i didint have src="data:text and it caused the ps4 to crash and I renamed that html cause there was 2 and google drive needed a index.html to show the page. Also delete "fast/frames and fast/frames/resources" dont need those cuases errors I can give you the htmls i made if need be just pm me.