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  1. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    Just a follow up, I downgraded the thing, then put the firmware to .1, then to .2. Now it seems to be working pretty good. I haven't tested a Blu-Ray copy yet, but every other backup seems to work just fine and its running much nicer. So again, thanks for your help. I'll post more updates if I find the exact reason or more information.
  2. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    Yeah,.. I think you're right. Sounds like something is going on with the console. I'll work on it a little more and see what happens. Thanks for your help with the cobra payload for sure.
  3. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    Yup,.. shows the new cobra just fine. I actually just downgraded it back to 4.81.1. Then I installed the package you posted for me again in order to update the cobra payload. So I updated the payload and all sorts of strange things are taking place. It's crazy, because I played this console for a bit before I updated it. It worked perfectly fine. Then after the update to .2, it's just been a mess. I can put a retail game in and it will black screen. I can open a folder of apps in the XMB and it will freeze sometimes. Didn't do that before. It's crazy. I have this B01 to upgrade too and I am scared to touch it, lol. Edit: Are there any issues with the system being in DEX mode? Should it be changed before testing to a more reliable setting? I honestly don't know. I have access to great tools and normally don't have to mess with this.
  4. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    BTW, No Joy on your update. The disc shows up in the XMB menu, but does not launch properly. Just black screens. I played it with him on 4.81.1 and it was fine, 4.81.2 seems to have caused some type of issue. Well, it's obvious to me that the rebug devs are not the ones that posted that update language from the source I am talking about. It's just that the rebug.me has SO MUCH mentioned, that you kind of glance over it, when your primary source has already told you that the update allows all optical media. They need to change that, but I need to find that original page first, lol. and what is a "homebrew blocker"?
  5. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    For sure, let me find the places I saw and I will absolutely post them for you. EDIT: This isn't the page I am talking about, but here is one with DeanK talking about it, but I need to find the one I am talking about specifically. http://www.psx-place.com/threads/cobra-changes-to-add-full-burned-optical-media-support.12494/ To me though, fully reading that page now, sounds like him actually MAKING it work,.. not that it came with it, let me find the page I am talking about.
  6. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    Well then here is the issue,.. The regular update is touted as being able to run all optical media and actually does run PS2 games from optical media just fine. Just not PS3. I don't have to worry about this on regular dev setups, but converting another old consumer console, it looks like some of the settings that were changed in a previous rebug, stayed the same after the update,.. although I told the guy that's not how it works, he insisted. So then I am assuming that is just a misunderstanding. My first assumption was that it was just the default settings not working for all types of consoles. So I have it here, I am tinkering with it and it really does just flat out refuse to play the PS3 games, but does everything else just fine. So if it has to be updated again for this to work, someone needs to check the language in the release, because it claims to run everything from optical media. BTW, Thanks for the replies. You damn right you remember me. You always will. Code Majic FTW.
  7. mmMC mounting trouble on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex

    Thank you for having this topic on here. I have been searching everywhere for some sort of answer to similar problems. I used to be deep into the scene, but have been away for a while. I recently have been wanting to get back into my PS3 because of all of the new features you guys have added. So I'm on 4.81.2 D-Rex and we are suppose to have this awesome boot from optical sources feature and it just won't work for PS3 games. Not from normal menu, not from multiman. I will even make the ISO myself, to make sure it is set up correctly. Even some of my retail games act up when trying to run them. Alot of times they will not show up in the normal XMB menu, so I have to open multiman, where they show up in that XMB clone menu, but when I start the game, the screen will just go black and sit like that. It's almost like the drive just stops reading the disc, then it sits there until I turn the machine off or sometimes eject the disc. This is on a CECH-A01. The crazy thing, is it was much more stable on 4.81.1. I just really want to take advantage of my blu-ray burner and but some of my backups on them. However, something is seriously wrong with this release or the settings need to be set up in a way that they are not currently. There might need to be some sort of automated recommended settings program that sets up ALL settings to recommended values depending on the PS3 model you have. I am just at a loss with this and I am pretty good with this stuff, so it must be driving other people crazy, or I'm just stupid, lol. If yo would like for me to capture some video and post it for you, I will do whatever you need me to do in order to solve our problems, because I think they are related. Anyways, thanks again for posting this here.