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  1. I think the same like on 1.76 linux, debug settings, ftp connection, data dump, ui modding, rtm modding
  2. yeah linux soon on 4.xx boring.
  3. Happy Birthday, wish you all the best and hope you support the ps4 scene in future.
  4. no, not on 4.50 but I had the issue on younger fw's.
  5. Wünsch dir nachträglich alles Gute
  6. the next mod will be a watercooled ps4 pro and coming soon by DR-DEX-82
  7. The world’s first Modded PlayStation 4 Pro is finish. Exclusive on PS4 e✘treme Modding
  8. yeah, I thought it could be a fake because the first video was edited but I don't said it is a fake. now they have confirmed that it's real
  9. Exclusive PS4 Mod – Slim Design by Fosi
  10. why the hell is that ps4 logged in psn while they execute a exploit ??? after we run a exploit it saves the text "codeExecutionStage 4" in the Cookie.jar.txt file on hdd. so it's not a bit risky ?
  11. for me it looks like a good fake but we don't know if it's real or not because we only have the video with that cuts I mean perhaps they have cutted it because they don't want to show the boot process or maybe the video would be too long and maybe that's the reason the one hacker puts the controller on the table. the blue power led is normal on my 1.76 ps4, it need more time to change the mode and to boot linux.
  12. PlayStation 4 - Firmware 1.76 - System Dump Dumped Filesystem for everyone to look at it or to examine. Should be complete apart from the Sandbox directory. Dumped on FW 1.76 via FTP. PS4 Model: CUH-1116A Firmware: 1.760.001 Dumped: 26-04-16 Files: 1.546 Size: 789 MB Download Check out PS4 e✘treme Modding to see other interesting articles PS4 1.76 Tools – All in One Package PS4 1.76 File Analysis
  13. Happy Birthday, have a nice day !
  14. I love to play Resident Evil since 1998, I can say the HD version is very good and gave me a bit of the feeling of the original game. I'm waiting for the second part, RE 2 is for me the best one.
  15. Good, the site is online again.