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  1. and external USB support + plus all this stuff on actual FW, what means more potential users and homebrews
  2. Happy birthday, man. Have a great fun. And thanks for your patience.
  3. Have a great birthday, man!
  4. at last got message what my software are last, but PSN still inaccessible - after trying log in, conaole say i need to update FW, in charles proxy nothing, how con gets i am at low FW?
  5. Dont forget to test block by tryng update )
  6. Charly proxy is very usefull for this purposes. You need to block feu01.ps4.update.playstation.net for european region and fus01.ps4.update.playstation.net for USA. Block deu01.ps4.update.playstation.net / dus01.ps4.update.playstation.net too, its download server with PUPs files. I simply redirect requests for ps4-updatelist.xml and recovery PUP to mine (on local PC). Need tutorial?
  7. testing on 3.50 FW: didn't work for me openinig xml file from bugzilla (repo2.xml) by browser of ps4 and I got same error as on my windows PC in chrome - syntaxis error then on python server copyed python script from bugzilla and repo.xml to cgi-bin directory and tryng to open script from con by webbrowser - just white rectangle nothing else, but "helloworld" script working correctly
  8. i'm at work now, but at free time will test this file https://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=327227 So I redirect request for ps4-updatelist.xml to file from bugzilla with Charly proxy, but console just say what she cant connect update server. If anyone didnt test it on 3.50 FW i will try it later, tomorow maybe test:
  9. oh, i didnt read carefully. Yep its CVE-2016-1762
  10. so, its little chance exploit didn't patched on 2.57. really bad news. I can redirect ps4 to my own ps4-updatelist.xml and go online, but then I try open browser its redirect to psn login.
  11. why? this is are not webkit exploitation, isnt it?
  12. I know how to coding, I didnt understand ways of exploitation and didn't found sane manual. I little know xml, its some sort of tagget document, but dont understand how to use it for exploitation. and another one thing: I can only replace ps4-updatelist.xml file, didn't have access to webbrowser of ps4 - need log in PSN
  13. Someone found libxml2 vunerability: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=45831 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=765207 I'm very interesting in new ps4 exploit, but have low skills in exploitation. Can anyone write right xml I can taes on 2.57 fw?
  14. Didn't work for me. See updates here