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  1. Well i am about to pack my computers away, the delivery lorry comes on Saturday and my internet does not get turned on until Wednesday, so ill be away until then.
  2. If i bought one of these, could you also ship it with some nice Black Sapote seeds?
  3. Glad you are ok
  4. Everything is great, apart from having to move again, removal van comes on Saturday, hopefully i get staying in this one for more than a year.
  5. I was worried something had happened you, glad to see you are doing good apart from the ups and downs. The mind is a fragile thing, i hope yours gets strong again <3 I always do think about a lot of you guys, it is because of you and others like you that i am here. added 2 minutes later I see you from time to time on PSN, i have been playing loads of Nioh, awesome game. Last time i spoke to you, you were busy with University, how has that went?
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 32 seconds  
  7. If you can't login send me an email or use the contact form on the forum. I sent you a message on the email you used for your other account.
  8. lol why didn't you say before now, i thought you simply didn't want to use that name any more. I can merge both accounts if you wish.
  9. @rednekcowboy @enosrasun and @mrc1978 glad to see you are all doing good, life does take priority, but as long as you are all healthy that is the main thing :). @DeadAim6219 aka @AnneliesTheComposer why would i miss you when you are ALWAYS here >.< I miss the banter between @mrc1978 and @Mr.Dutch.
  10. Just glad you are ok
  11. Yeah i know what you mean, currently i am moving home for the second time in 12 months. Good to know you are doing ok
  12. Congrats and hope your back heals up quick. Yeah that crappy forum was quite quiet until PS Jailbreak came out
  13. So time flies when you are busy and its is easily to get distracted with having to deal with server crap and posting news, but you guys the members are always in my mind, the loyal ones and the ones i have known for a long time especially, i have noticed a few of you do not visit anymore, some of you haven't even visited in over a year, if you are fed up with me and cant be bothered visiting anymore that's cool, as long as you are all well, safe and healthy that is all i care about, so here is a list of people i miss in no particular order: @RafaSimpsons @arcadekidflo @denero1 @UnknownArchive @TheEvolution_PT @mostwanted @LadyDana @AnD_FiS @svenmullet @BANFREEDJ @Nimation @HulkWogan @Sandroron @Sassa @Hakaze @Rautz @bonesnizz @Dizzy_McSpin @will23 @Willemse21 @Tall_King_Crap @aries2k @VIRGIN KLM @OoZic @rednekcowboy @Cylent1 @baileyscream @Bammo @Simonbuck @Rancid-o @smartymarty @stussy @TOM1211 @LoboGuara @Puffdragon @Cheesethief @saxile @Wolfie708 @animalovich @limker @tangotnt @Mr.Dutch @Mistawes @gusha @Persian McLovin @Xhase @ICECOLDKILLAH @mrc1978 @vatomalo @General Plot That is a list of some people i miss around here, i do miss others from the old days at PS3HaX too, be great if you could pop on to say you are doing ok.
  14. Yeah i restricted some of his privileges for a full month, his fault for being a complete cunt. That was a couple of weeks ago too. Might extend the restriction or move him to the same user group at GTAWWEKID.
  15. Blame your fellow troll @gtawwekid