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  1. PlayStationHaX App v1.02 - #HENkaku View File @ConsoleHax has released a nice little app for us which lets you visit PlayStationHaX simply by running it. Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer ConsoleHax Source http://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/234 Twitter https://twitter.com/ConsoleHax_com Donate
  2. Screenie v1.0 - HD Screenshot Plugin For #HENkaku View File The awesomely multi-talented dev @Rinnegatamante has released a HD screenshot plugin for the PS Vita: Image courtesy of RedSquirrel Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer Rinnegatamante Source http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?t=48092 Twitter https://twitter.com/Rinnegatamante Donate http://rinnegatamante.it/site/donate.php
  3. I am sure most of you remember that console called 2DS, the horrible looking device with tiny screens was a 2D version of the 3DS, but instead of taking the shape and form of the 3DS, it was like someone had opened a 3DS and squashed it, now whilst i could forgive the horrible look, i could not forgive its miserable sized screen, which really for me is extremely uncomfortable to play with. If any of you found the 2DS uncomfortable or awkward to use, rejoice as Nintendo are releasing a 2D version of the 'new' 3DS and this time it actually resembles the 3DS as you can see in the images below: What's in the box? New Nintendo 2DS XL system x1 New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus x1 microSDHC memory card (4GB) x1 AR Cards x6 Operations Manual x1 AC adapter x1 Built in NFC, which is great as you won't need that add on hardware that came out a couple of years ago. Source
  4. AT9&AT3 Converter v2.2 By @BenMitnick View File Multi talented developer BenMitnick aka BMK has released and updated version of his AT9&AT3 Converter for the PS Vita, PSP and PS3, here is a quote from the source: Changelog: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/27/2017 Category PC Software(PS Vita) Developer BenMitnick Source https://twitter.com/BenMitnick/status/857294553379950592 Twitter https://twitter.com/BenMitnick Donate
  5. psvimgtools-frontend v0.3 View File Remember that little troll @silicaAndPina who released a modified version of a Lego game, posted it on the Vita piracy section of Reddit, the file wiped the PS Vita Memory Card and in some cases corrupted the card so that it was completely useless, well it turns out that little troll isn't such a bad little troll and has released something that is quite popular, a front end or GUI for Team Molecules psvimgtools, upgrading the original tool to something quite user friendly, the software is now on version 3, here are the changes and additions in the new version: Added Skype App Easyinstaller Added PSM Runtime EasyInstaller Added RemoveFeatured Easyinstaller (How can it be an installer if it removes something? ITS FOR CONSISTENCY DONT QUESTION IT K?) Updated ARK Easyinstaller To now support ONEMENU! (and also now displays a message saying its patched on 3.65. so people dont start posting issues on my github that has nothing to do with ark saying it doesn't work.) MacOS users can now run the program from src with 'python run.py' (make sure you have the MAC Psvimgtools inside the folder. also requires bplistlib.) only reason theres no compiled version is because i dont have a device running MacOS to compile it with. Dependency's: Qcma, libgcrypt11-dev (Only on linux) Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/26/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer SilicaAndPina Source https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/psvimgtools-frontend Twitter https://twitter.com/silicaandpina Donate
  6. Numpty Physics v.0.4 View File @Rinnegatamante has ported Numpty Physics to HENkaku, here is a quote from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/26/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer Rinnegatamante Source http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=48080 Twitter https://twitter.com/Rinnegatamante Donate http://rinnegatamante.it/site/donate.php
  7. I didn't expect i would have to create this article and i am only doing so because of a horrible click-bait news post created by quite a reputable website, where the headline makes it look like there is a Native Hack for PS Vita Firmware 3.65, now i am NOT going to name this site as i have a lot of respect and love for the owner, he is a cool dude, but occasionally does horrible click-bait articles. The heading of this article, which will show up on Twitter under various Hashtags and will be pinned, clearly states that HENkaku for 3.65 does not exist. If you want to know why or how HENkaku was blocked, check this link from Team Molecule
  8. Happy Birthday @TizzyT
  9. For the next 40+ hours, Gog.com are giving Saints Row 2 away for free: Source Original source via a tweet by @kozarovv
  10. 'Sources' close to Nintendo have told Eurogamer that we are to expect a SNES Mini in time for Christmas: Source
  11. It seems the original post i created that you can see in the Reveal hidden contents spoiler below, was a ripped of guide, the original guide is by @silicaAndPina and NOT the GBATemp member, my guess is the GBATemp member wanted to extend his ePeen and make people think he did something awesome, when in reality he stole someone else work, so below is the original guide: Source
  12. Vita VPK Editor v1.2 View File qberty has updated his application 'VPK Editor' to version 1.2: The application is multi-platform, meaning that it is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/19/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer qberty Source http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=47516&start=10 Twitter https://twitter.com/qberty1337 Donate
  13. Its all super sexy to me
  14. #Adrenaline Easy Installer v1.10 - #HENkaku View File @Freakler has updated his application that makes it easier to use TheFlow's Adrenaline, here is a quote of the recent changes: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/18/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer Freakler Source https://github.com/Freakler/vita-AdrenalineEasyInstaller Twitter https://twitter.com/freakler94 Donate