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  1. as i said its working and i know how to use it, just cant login to psn because it's banned but can click on a ad and load up psn store as guest.
  2. Hi guys , quick question any hope for a 4.66 banned console (not mine), been trying to dump it for two days, everything is set up and working as it should, and can get on psn store as guest.. just not dumping.
  3. Slowdown are only on level starts, could try a lower res and i kinda like the way it has no sound (I cant remember getting sound running bin/cue from webman/irisman) blast some tunes, i just thought it was a cool game.
  4. Hay buddy's nice place I've not done anything in ages so I found this nice retro shooter on the net did a quick run through RetroXMB creator and its nice to share no sound but if you start through MultiMAN in game xmb background music works. Z-Blast.pkg Z-Blast source code enjoy