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  1. With this ONELUAV3R0 (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA.I have the happiness, to announce that ONElua has an important update!With the arrival of version 3.0, comes fairly new, v3.0 features list:Please use oficial Web for download http://onelua.x10.mx + Ported to be 100% compatible with taiHEN and use the maximum of functions.+ New Touch Module (separation of the buttons module).+ New Motion Module (Read Accelerometer, gyroscope).+ New Console Module (Debug text console).+ New Thread Module (Handling of threads or processes).+ New Channel Module (Data connections between threads or processes).+ New Link Module (Remote File Emulation), used 'PSP2LINK' of Bigboss @psxdev.+ New Theme Module (Management of personalized themes for Livearea).+ Completely rewritten Sound module, now supports OGG, MP3, WAV, in addition to playing from net sources.+ Added function buttons.homepopup(), Enable / Disable the PS button to exit a game or app.+ Added function buttons.portinfo(), Gets information from the control ports on the console.+ Fixed functions buttons.rumble() and buttons.lbar().+ Added the ability to scan QR codes with the camera, using the function cam.scanqr().+ Added the metafunction of converting a color to a number, using color.tonumber().+ Added 2 new colors in color.loadpalette(), 'color.shine' and 'color.shadow'.+ Added the game module (Handling applications or Bubbles), Some functions:|- game.list(), It allows to obtain a list of all the installed games in ux0 and ur0 of your console.|- game.move(), It allows to move a game or application from ux0 to ur0 or vice versa in the system.|- game.delete(), Delete a game or application on the system.|- game.exists(), Lets you check if a game or application exists on the system.|- game.install() & game.installdir(), Installation of VPK packages, and directories, Now when installing an update of a game the changelog.xml is shown correctly in the game bubble in the Livearea.+ Added the possibility of render scroll effect, in the screen.print().+ Fixed the function screen.clip(), now work, and support circle limit.+ Added the function screen.brightness(), Allows you to get and set the brightness level in the console.+ Added the function screen.frame(), Allows you to get the current frame that the console is displaying.+ Added several new functions in the OS module:|- os.master() Allows you to enable Unsafe mode on the console.|- os.access() Allows you to know the type of access in the console (Safe or Unsafe).|- os.taicfgreload() Allows a reload of the file config.txt from the Tai folder (henkaku).|- os.browser() Allows run the browser.|- os.newuri() Creates a fast access URI command to an application.|- os.updatedb(), os.rebuilddb() In order to update or completely rebuild the database (app.db).+ Updated the internal debugger.+ Rewritten most code, to be more optimized and fast.