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  1. I still miss the banter we had, good times m8, good times
  2. Well, he may respond to the email that went out, yeah, I miss the banter we had too. Glad to see you're still in control here and that it's still doing well. added 0 minutes later
  3. Thanks guys, I know it's a bit late, but 39 in 5 months lol. I'll be on more I promise, maybe won't take 7 months to say thanks next time
  4. Hey. It has been a while, didn't realise it had been so long tbh. Not into the ps3 scene anymore, busy life, don't have much time for anything. I do dabble with the ps4 from time to time, but yeah, life passes too fast. Both my daughters are at uni now so life is hectic at the best of times. Hope you are doing well and I promise to make more of an effort. Nice of you to think of me. Ttfn, I will be back..
  5. Sounds interesting
  6. Im an oldie popping in for a visit. Been a while, not had the ps3 on for ages Congrats greg on the year mark ( i know im a bit late lol) 85
  7. Well done m8y
  8. 69 ftw
  9. I was gunna ask the same lol. Never had a 360 before, just ps1,2, 3 and psp.
  10. Looks like i may have to update and have a play.
  11. Ill take a 69 please, dutch, you are not invited to my 69 Thanks bones.
  12. Been busy, not really kept up with the scene. Going tomhave to get back upto date and start playing again i think. You wish lol
  13. Ive been away too long, how the hell are people?
  14. Sounds interesting. Bought mine, kids took it to play, havent seen it since.