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  1. You are an idiot...
  2. If you're such a good coder I wouldn't mind sending you the source. I'm just trying to help and you just completely bashed on me, nice supportive staff we got in this website.
  3. They patched to go on PS Store and PSN on lower firmware, tt does indeed does it's job though. Even Vita Update Blocker fails to do so aswell, nothing much I can do about it.
  4. Only if you do really stupid stuff with it. Other than that I don't think so.
  5. I know why, the psp2-updatelist.xml that is provided with the program is made for the us. All you have to do is open up the .xml file and change the region id from "us" to "eu".
  6. What country are you from?
  7. Can you be more specific on what's not working.
  8. The version from OP works fine for me... https://mega.nz/#!M50RAJ6R!7L12Xku_Gu8MXru9frIi4rp7aU084vgPmiZ-i0V59qY
  9. I fixed Vita support, now you shouldn't get any errors.
  10. Try this one: https://mega.nz/#!dhlWjYKB!X74iD24BVlR-E30EiGXVEELlW8rqhdTPlvF4BFIkonc If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.
  11. Updated the application to v3.1.0.0 which fixes bugs when connecting to a PS Vita.
  12. I have updated my PSProxy application to v4.0.0.0 which fixes some bugs regarding support to PS Vita. This will allow you to bypass the new 3.61 update and sign-in to PSN on 3.60 firmware. Instructions:- Press start on the utility.- Add IP and Port to the Vita.- Sign-In to PSN- Profit? Please let me know any bugs you encounter, I would gladly fix the problem for you. Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!M50RAJ6R!7L12Xku_Gu8MXru9frIi4rp7aU084vgPmiZ-i0V59qY Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/0ad51395562a911c7d5056d2e76d3ab2bf838b6860103f27c253f40ad4912034/analysis/1470788475/
  13. I suggest people to use PSProxy in case a 4.00 update decides to come up.
  14. Don't take my word for it, but I believe it is to mount it to SAMU so it can decrypt/encrypt it.
  15. Thanks bud!