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  1. Backups now possible on 4.70 OFW without ODDE

    Does anyone know how to create or get original eboot.bin files from? Because the games give me an error after restoring backup with games
  2. Backups now possible on 4.70 OFW without ODDE

    Perhaps, but honestly i feel that physical media will always be a thousand times better than digital media in my opinion
  3. Backups now possible on 4.70 OFW without ODDE

    Perhaps, but never say never because it can be possible whether you like it or not plus HDDs could in fact easily corrupt and damageable whilst losing everything compared to Discs! Yeah this HDD method is the most profitable way but yet very time consuming and unsure if every single game made for the console would work and thus having to revert everything all over again.
  4. Backups now possible on 4.70 OFW without ODDE

    I have a question, with this method could it be very possible to burn the patched games you normally would use for the backup hdd utility to run the games for but instead package the desired game as a .iso format and burn it to a BD-R disc and see if it works on OFW without the need for a Cobra ODE or Downgrade with E3 Flasher? It sounds like a awesome idea if that way works instead of having to create a new backup image just so to test out each game individually added 10 minutes later THANK YOU!! I couldn't have said it any better!
  5. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Excellent analogy, though i was thinking could it be possible to get those installed "Demos" out of the hard drive via restoring the backup and then use a backup manager (ex. multiman or comgenie's awesome file manager) and takes those folders out of the hard drive's "game" folder and copy them to a usb flash drive or external device to the PC and have it examined a bit and see what's different if you think it's very likely possible or not. Sorry it doesn't sound like much help but maybe getting a dump of one of the software and take the param.sfo from each one and check it out everything that way perhaps for now and after repacking them as a .pkg format we can then test out the *Install Package Files on Kiosk Firmware with the built .pkg files a redo this time without erroring out this time hopefully. Unless one of the tools we have available doesn't overwrite the pkg keys as to a CFW type then yeah it should work i hope.
  6. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Yep that's me lol and actually those discs are actually legitimate and the guy (I forgot his name but i believe he was in this scene awhile ago) had these three IDU Discs shown in the picture are really the legit Sony Shop discs and last told me he was gonna sell it to me for around $30 or $40 for one of each disc but back then i didn't had the money and many people didn't care to help before as a few other guys i knew were trying to do the same research as i was while i did the pkg files made for Kiosk research and later ever since i started to lose interest at the time and stopped using Skype (where i have the guy's contact at) no idea if he still has them or maybe trashed them for all i know. Nowadays i'm started to feel very bad for not keeping up with this project and would love to see this in actuality so it could be possible for end-users and casuals to start installing and running homebrew/emulators without no needs for Custom Firmware or 3.55 OFW. Btw, one question i like to ask... What made you guys finally interested in the Shop/Kiosk IDU stuff after all? just curious
  7. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    I got a pic of more IDU Discs if need more information about them: http://imgur.com/a/LKaEL
  8. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Nothing to serious really, just explaining jokingly about how i'd sorta started the whole Kiosk IDU researching while everyone else was to busy celebrating about getting Linux on CFW something that no casual would honestly care very less about (no offense to the fans) back in the day and wanted to give my quick two cents on the matter and much honestly i don't mind helping out those who'd sadly missed out for whatever reason and want to get back on their feets abd make this community once again great like the 3.55 days. TLDR; it's nothing to worry about really and the issue was solved and done with.
  9. [Released] RetroArch 1.3.6+ Beta - PS3

    I'm loving it too! added 4 minutes later It's been YEARS since I'd last played on a Custom Firmware PS3 system especially 3.55 days and now I'm finally part of the family once again and will NEVER make that same mistake (Even though technically it wasn't my fault) lol
  10. [Released] RetroArch 1.3.6+ Beta - PS3

    We seriously need an updated DosBox emulator made for RetroArch or PS3 Natively
  11. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    LOL okay
  12. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Not everyone's humor are gonna be the same as your type of humor just to let you know that buddy
  13. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Not exactly the point I'm trying to make but whatever floats your boat and makes you sleep good at bed then it is what is i guess...
  14. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    First of all you didn't Quote on Quote "Hurt anyone's feelings" second of all I was pointing out that I've found this discovery when i was at a local Walmart NIGHT TIME at that back then and shared my findings to on YouTube and see if anyone knew anything about it or had any of these discs for my project at the time (Before I'd gave up awhile ago) I'm sorry if i hurt-ed your feelings about owning apologies to "people" or what not but my comment was more of a comical humor type of saying and NEVER meant to be taking seriously I guess nobody like you doesn't have any sense of humor when it comes to these forums but i digress! Again, yes i was one of the guys on YouTube who actually did found out about this (though i could be wrong) and was courageous to make and upload a quick video of it since NO ONE made a video about it NOR RELEASED THE CONTENTS OF SAID DISC TILL NOW! And those "hackers" didn't believe that those IDU Kiosk Discs can possibly come useful someday if one were to obtain the lastest version of it or maybe it's Kiosk signed pkgs and was thinking if we could get the signature pkg keys off from one of those pkg files from that same discs and see if they're any different from the Retail pkg keys but some people in this scene (no offense) never took the time to proof it to everyone including me that it's quote "pointless" somehow unless they are hiding stuff from us and doesn't wanna give to much information about it for years to come! So there's your little history about my side of the story and i would love to here YOUR side of the story next
  15. PS3 SHOPINSTALL (Release)

    Thank You dude! xD