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  1. Cobra Blackfin Leak At Wololo Part 2

    A classic sell-out. Didn't get paid, now he's pissed off A donate button is a possibility too. Fuck him and fuck cobra.
  2. What firmware is your PS4 running?

    I hope that there will be fun on 4.50 when flat_z releases his method
  3. A Write Up On The First Kernel Exploit For #PS4

    This is great news!
  4. Homebrew Coming To #PS4 Firmware 4.55

    So the ps4 is hacked, but not made public
  5. Homebrew Coming To #PS4 Firmware 4.55

    What about this site and the following statement https://sce.party/ Firmware 4.50, 4.55: Fully exploited in private* Firmware 5.00: Fully exploited in private* Is this legit?
  6. Homebrew Running On #PS4 - Firmware v1.76 ONLY

    Great news
  7. [Update] This Is A Test - Do Not be Alarmed

    Fuck the Diaz brothers?
  8. Happy Birthday LostDeathKnight

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Welcome CaptainCPS-X

    Nice to see you again @CaptainCPS-X
  10. GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

    Welcome back, we love you to Congratulations!
  11. GrigoriRasputin will be away for a bit

    If it's great news then enjoy it Greg
  12. Transparency Regarding Article Removal

    Where can I downvote the term $ony?